Returning Player Looking for Active Corp

Just resubbed a few days ago. Have played off and on over the years. Every time I get into the game I end up stepping away because of how vast the game is. So much to learn and I feel far behind the curve. I’m looking for a corp that wouldn’t mind taking in a newer player and helping them become an asset to the corp. I’m from Pennsylvania (EST) and I normally am online between 730pm and 11pm.

Crucious Roman, mail sent, contact me if if interested.

Welcome back to New Eden! I’m Cephelange (“Seff”), lead recruiter for Aegis Reforged; we’re a smallish corp in the Already Replaced alliance. We’re a PvP focused corp living in nullsec, though we also do various PvE opportunities.

For more details, please head over to our recruiting post for more information.

Best of luck in your search!

Come check us out mate , we may have space for you :slight_smile: