[AEGRF] Aegis Reforged - Sov Nullsec PvP/PvE - looking to grow its ranks

Aegis Reforged [AEGRF] is looking for some quality folks to bolster our ranks; allow
me to help you get to know us. I’m Cephelange (“seff”), lead recruiter for Aegis, and looking for capsuleers that would be a good fit for us, and vice versa.

We’re a new corporation formed from a small core of veterans and fresh meat alike. The corp is a member of the Already Replaced [AARP.] alliance. Like us, they have a firm belief in real life (RL) taking precedence over pixel starships. We joined them after long talks between their leadership and ours, deciding that their outlook and culture were a good fit for us.

So, what can we provide? Honestly, as a corp, we’re still growing, so initially, we can provide you a group of folks you enjoy spending time in voice chat with, and blowing up internet spaceships with (whether it’s someone else’s or your own remains to be seen). Our primary focuses are PvP and PvE, and being a part of a sovereignty holding nullsec alliance grants us access to that content in spades. There are PvP fleets almost daily, often multiple per day. The space we control and support has combat sites aplenty. There’s also opportunities for industry and mining, if that’s your gig.

Which leads me to the next subject: what do we expect from you? We need you to be active; not necessarily every day, but we don’t want you to just be a name on our corporation roster. Your character must be able to fly combat ships to support our corp, our alliance, and our coalition allies. We have some very good space to live in, and that’s only because everyone contributes to its defense and support.

If you’re in game and undocked, be in voice comms; you don’t necessarily need to speak, but you need to be able to listen for information, or fleet commands. (Spoilers: this is pretty common no matter what political entity you wind up being a part of in nullsec.) Speaking of fleet commands and contributing to defense: if you’re online and in the game, and a defense fleet is called, hop into it. This is our space - we all have to contribute to maintaining it…
“But,” you say, “you said real life takes precedence!” That’s true, and it does; if you don’t have time to possibly be involved in a fleet, dock up and log out. If you know or expect you may be gone for an extended time, let us know. Communication and transparency help solve a lot of issues before they even get close to becoming problems.

If I haven’t killed your interest after presenting you all of that, then please feel free to drop me an in game mail or respond to this post, and we can arrange a time to talk. If not, then fly safe, and good luck on your corp search.

Want to be entertained by me constantly haranguing our CEO to change his ship name? Come give us a look!

Getting fights, one way or another; drop us a line today.

Whether you have experience with null or PvP or not, you’re still welcome to contact us and see if we’re the right corp for you.

We’re primarily active in the US, EU, and AUS time zones. Drop me a line if you’re interested or want to know more.

Daily content is within your reach, with great corp-mates, and alliance-mates!

We don’ need no Doctor Who crossover for more content, we have plenty where we are!

Insert witty recruiting comment here

Ra, ra, ree, kick them in the knee!

Ra, ra, rass, kick them in the…other knee!

Yeah, pretty lame, I know…unlike the region we live in.

Sometimes we get popped, sometimes, we do the popping. Come fly with us; it’ll always be interesting, one way or the other!

Fleets of one variety or another, daily; some pretty down to Earth leadership. Let’s have a conversation soon!

MFW I’m flying logi, and my wee drones deal a whopping 0.2% of the damage to an Astrahus, but I get the killing blow. Join us, and that might be you!

Another day, another chance to fly in a fleet with good folks. This could be you, too!

A good opportunity to meet and fly with some interesting and amazing folks.

Pretty much daily opportunities to fly around nullsec and stuff blow up! Or get blown up! Sometimes both!

Whether you’re wanting to return to nullsec life or are looking for your first opportunity, we could be the right corp for you.

Leadership’s sanity is in no way, shape, or form guaranteed.

Kicking names and taking…wait, scratch that, reverse it.

Attempting to grow a corp is about as difficult as you might think; help us grow Aegis Reforged?

Sometimes you feel like a nut…