[AEGRF] Aegis Reforged - Sov Nullsec PvP/PvE - looking to grow its ranks

After a busy summer and early fall, Aegis Reforged is opening its doors back up. We helped successfully fend off the Imperium and its allies in our region. So, what can we offer to you?

Mine, Build, Rat, kill (not necessarily in that order) …… we have it all.

Aegis Reforged is a proud and growing community of players within the Already Replaced Alliance and part of the F.I.R.E collation.

Based in Immensea we offer:

  • Experienced and mature leadership across all careers in eve.
  • Access to Corp, public moons and good pi with low tax.
  • Upgraded industrial systems.
  • Upgraded null sec systems ready for ratting.
  • Daily PVP and alliance backed SRP for CTA
  • Corp buy back.
  • Alliance logistic support, good local markets.

What are we looking for:

  • Social and community based Omega players, we are corp that wants members to support each other and have fun.
  • Well rounded skillsets. We want you to be able to maximize isk making opportunities with a minimum of 6mil skill points with magic 15 and some in game experience.
  • Willingness to train alliance doctrine ships and take part in defence fleets.
  • Looking for all time zones.

We are also looking for people who want to move up within a Corp and take on additional roles or create content for members.

We are also open to merging smaller corps into ours and helping people to progress up the command chain.

If you are looking for a mature corp with low stress and plenty of ISK making opportunities, come have a chat. You can join our recruiting channel, “Aegis Apprentice Hall”, use in-game mail, or a reply here will also work.

Our Discord public channel can be found here.

We’ve got content daily, often multiple times a day. Check us out, and feel free to drop in for a conversation.

Competent FCs and content creators, both in and out of corp. Come have a chat!

With recent standings resets, we have a very target rich environment; plenty of folks to shoot at and be shot at by! Contact myself or Harnaget today!

Still busy, still kicking stern and having fun!

Plenty busy shooting stuff, whether it’s ships or rocks; come check us out!

(With apologies to the Grateful Dead)

Makin’ that ISK, sure there’s some risk
CCP you better warp to me…

If you can endure really bad stuff like that, then you may just be a good fit for our corp; come have a chat!

Space is getting kinda frisky, come on down and see what we’ve got going on.

Don’t need to have experience with null life, just need to have a willingness and enthusiasm to learn. Contact us today!

Still going strong, plans are coming to fruition and more being laid out for the future. Come check us out.

Great corp mates, excellent alliance mates; it’s a good time to look at joining us!

So, Aegis Reforged was created in the beginning of November last year, which means we’re closing in on the end of our first year as a corporate entity.

Anyone that has spent time in EVE probably knows that it’s no mean feat to keep a new corp together for that long. To reach that milestone while living and operating in sovereignty nullsec makes it even more challenging. Add into that several months of large-sacle war with one of the major power blocs in EVE nullsec, and that cranks that challenge “up to 11”.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished, and hope some of you might be interested in checking us out. We’re a firm believer in quality over quantity, and do our best to make sure all of our members have access to the content and experience they’re seeking.

Busy defending our space and keeping life interesting in others’ space. Drop by our recruiting channel and/or drop me a mail today so we can work out a time to have a chat.

Good folks, good space, good times; come have a chat with us!

Whether it’s PvP, ratting, mining, industry, or exploring, we’ve got the corp and space for you! Please stop by our in-game channel, our Discord, or mail me. Hope to hear from you!

Good people to fly with, whether you’re fighting reds, mining rocks, shooting rats, or making stuff. Our leadership is solid, and our membership is growing. Drop us a line today.

Never a dull moment in our “corner” of EVE; if you’re looking for a home where you’re welcome and appreciated, consider Aegis Reforged.

We don’t promise or pretend to be the best, but we’re definitely an interesting and supportive crew to hang out with. Come have a chat with us today.

Never a dull moment, between alliance and coalition ops, as well as alliance-run events. Drop us a line today!

Opportunities abound almost everywhere in EVE; what matters is who you pursue those opportunities with. We have some great people to fly alongside, and have as corpmates. I hope to hear from you soon.