[AEGRF] Aegis Reforged - Sov Nullsec PvP/PvE - looking to grow its ranks

Slowly but surely building up our membership; we want to be sure that your interests and ours are a close match. Our goal is to provide an experience that will make you enjoy logging in. Drop by our in-game recruiting channel or our Discord today. You can also always drop me a mail in-game.

Whether new to nullsec life or a “bittervet”, you’re welcome to come check us out; we offer a variety of content and experiences for everyone!

Looking to learn the null life or get back to it, come have a chat.

Some truly great corpmates, and a truly supportive, organized alliance. Add into that a coalition that is able and willing to put its will into plans and action.

We may be the right home for you; come have a chat.

Plenty of action, plenty of things to do; and we just may be the right corp for you to do them with. Stop by our recruiting channel and have a chat!

Aegis Reformed has reached a milestone today: it’s the end of our first year as a corporation.

That year saw us not only survive, but thrive! A few of our people are already involved at the Alliance level with decision-making and policy setting.

We have consistently looked forward, without forgetting the lessons from our past.

This has happened because all of our members believed enough in the corp and the goals we’ve set for ourselves to bring it to fruition. We’re far from unique as a success story, but to build to where we are from where we were is something to be proud of.

You could be part of that; drop us a line.

It may be the start of a new year for the corp, but we still have goals and plans we’re making happen. Stop by the recruiting channel, our Discord, or drop me a line.

We’re aiming for quality, not quantity, so every corp member’s experience is as good as it can be. Drop us a line today.

Fleets going out everyday, there’s anomalies to be ran and ore to mine. Life is good; come check us out.

Always on the lookout for pilots/players who’re looking for what we have to offer.

We may or may not have a dark side, and there may or may not be cookies.

We’ve got good people, good space, good fights, and good times. Come have a chat with us.

Eh, it’s Monday; who gets hyped on a Monday? Well, we just may, because there’s always stuff to do with us! Come have a chat!

Things we’re serious about:

  • making sure our members have access to the content they’re looking for
  • providing guidance and support to members for their goals and activities
  • defending our space
  • supporting the alliance

Things we’re not serious about:

  • internet spaceships (well, maybe just serious enough)
  • whether or not you’re active every day

We aren’t super-duper casual, but we don’t want members to feel like this is a job.

If this piques your interest, come have a chat!

See above ^

Still plenty of activity, especially if you’re looking for PvP.

Roam if you want to…
Roam around the…region?

With profound apologies to the B-52’s.

Anyway, if you can endure silliness like that, you may just fit in with us; come have a chat!

In addition to strategic goals, we’ve been getting more roaming fleets going. Those seem to be the sort folks tend to find more enjoyable.

Plenty of opportunities to rat and.or mine, too.

Drop by our channel for a chat!

Fleets pretty much every day; great space to live and do stuff in. Even better folks to have at your side.

Drop in for a chat.

It’s a Monday; nothing inspiring here. Come have a chat, if you like what you see.