[AEGRF] Aegis Reforged - Sov Nullsec PvP/PvE - looking to grow its ranks

Instead of getting in the inevitable arguments at Thanksgiving dinner with Uncle Ray and/or Aunt Karen, why not join us down in nullsec, where arguments can be resolved with judicious application of space pixel violence!

Come have a chat today.

Well, hopefully you’ve managed to navigate Thanksgiving with the family, and the dreaded “Black Friday” crowds. Now, you’re looking for something more positive and fun, right? Come have a look at Aegis Reforged, and see if we’re the right home in EVE for you.

stares blankly at the “reply” window

Yeah, I got nothin’; come have a chat with us if you think we might be a good fit for you.

Consistently giving it better than we get; we take our lumps, though, and do our best to learn. We have some amazing neighbors that do their best to keep us on our toes.

I have said it before, and will keep saying it: our corp has some of the best people to do space pixel stuff with, and there’s some really good ones in our alliance, too.

Check out what we have to offer and see if you’re interested enough to have a chat.

Heading into the holiday season, maybe we can find you a new home in time for Santa to arrive? (Or Krampus, or whomever. :slight_smile: )

We strive to facilitate a corp atmosphere that makes our members actually want to log in; most people already have a job, so we definitely don’t want them to feel like they have another one when they log in to EVE. Come drop by our in-game channel, our Discord, or drop me a mail in-game today.

It’s Friday, and it’s been a day, so, just gonna say, look at yesterday’s post for the inspirational text. :sunglasses:

Sunday funday? Almost always is in our neck of the space-woods! Come have a chat today.

Well, you’ve survived hump day; maybe you’ll survive in null! Come have a chat and see if we’re right for you.

Approaching the holidays; why not avoid going shopping for gifts and go shopping for a corp home, instead? Come have a chat, either in our public recruiting channel, or mail me in-game.

Busy, busy, always busy in our neck of the space-woods. Come have a chat and see if it’s what you’re after?

Rainy day or wintry weather blues? The space weather is just fiiiine, so, come check us out and see if we’re what you’re looking for?

It’s Monday; have your daily reminder we’re looking for folks that think we’d be a good home for them.

It is Wednesday, my capsuleers. Come have a chat.

The weekend’s here, and what better time to have a look at potential new “homes” in EVE? If you don’t see me in the recruiting channel, please mail me in-game to work out a good time to talk.

Space may be cold, but our area of the proverbial woods is on FI.RE!

Get it? Because we’re in the FI.RE coalition? No? Ah, well.

Hit me up if you’re still interested after that “dad joke”.

Always things to do, and people to do it with.

Kill stuff

Mine stuff

Build stuff

Explore stuff

Give as a look over, and drop us a line if you’re interested.

Snow in space? Sure. Why not?

Oh, we’re still looking for folks whose interests and goals match ours. Drop by for a chat.

Hope all of you have a wonderful celebration of whatever holiday(s) you observe. I will be available more this coming week, so, if you’re interested, hopefully we can connect for a chat.

Post-Christmas/Yule bump; got nothing more creative than that today.