Looking for Corp that palys together

6 million Alpha. Will always be. The way I see it, I’m having fun now, and Omega is not 15x that level of fun.

Spend a lot of time in wormholes or null. Otherwise I’m in EDI fleets, often in a command role.

Not very focused on money, so I need to get better at that so I can afford daily injectors.

Not after a chat channel only corp, need to do activities.

yo m8, well we are in the EDENCOM side about the PVE and the rest, well, its quite chalenging compared to any NBSI tbh… have a look… if there is somthing we do is TEAMWORK… we must :sunglasses:

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sendt you a discord invite ingame m8, looking fwd to talk to yah :sunglasses:

Hello there :wave:

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