Looking for PVE focused corp

Returning after a few months of being away and I am looking for an active PVE oriented corporation. I’ve pretty much only done solo content (aside from some mining runs) and haven’t delved into PVP at all, but the few times i’ve managed to group up for conduits or filaments has been a blast and I much prefer playing with others. I’m in EU West and mostly come on afternoons and evenings.

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Come have a chat with us mate , good bunch of UK players

Hey Svansen,

We are an EU (mostly) corp with a focus on industry and mining, but we are also growing to accommodate other modes of play. We dabble in PvE and PvP and as the corp grows it will be easier and easier to organize.

I think the best point is that we are an active corp that is in the same general timezone like yourself, ensuring that you will be active at times when most of the corp is active as well.

Check out our forum post for more info: Aviator Legislative Kontrol [-ALK-] - ISK aligned high-sec corporation

And if you think we might have a fit, reach me out by eve mail and we can take it from there.


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