Alpha newbro looking for nullsec corp

So here i am.
Start playing the game a month ago. Pretty active, looking for a nullsec corp that’s not gigantic but either too small. EUTZ, discord available. Pvp, pve, exploring,trading, mining, i like everything. Would like also to do some of the new event stuff. Also i do my isk so i don’t have to ask for nothing. Waiting to maximize my alpha limits and then go for a sub. I hate to feed the enemy so i promise to be careful. If you think you can give me a chance let me know here or in game. Thank you and fly safe.

Hiya check us out mate

Hi there, will do, thx a lot for let me know!

Hey! My corp is specifically geared towards helping newer players within New Eden. We got our own space to krab (Mining and ratting) and Providence has an awesome trading market, we’re not far from Amarr either!

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