Looking for a newbie friendly corp

Hey all!

Played EVE many many moons again, consider myself a newbie was I never really did much or truely got involved back then.

Looking for a PVE corp with some PVP, like to mine, make runs etc. Just a casual player looking for a home that helps new (or returning) players.

Il mail you in game @Stella_Rose_StellaRose


@Sato_Kixx can you send it to “Chaila Balidar” instead? I did not like how the name for Stella came out so I put in the request to send her to the scrap yard.

Check us out mate

The Pirisians is a PvE Corp in amarr highsec, we do some industry, exploration, abyssal sites and some easy access to PvP. Just set up our first station and would love to help you learn about Eve :grin:!

Hey! My corp is a Providence-based Newbro corp!
We have free ships and skill books! Plenty of space to learn to krab in and lots of PVP so you can learn!

The Crimson Order is recruiting and we Want you!

We are in SOV Null with a nice patch of space. We would be happy to have you and help you in your learning curve for EVE. If you would like to talk further, please reach our to me in discord here: discord.gg/6uqdguF I look forward to hearing from you.

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