War in Nullsec?

I went to Reddit and all they post about is a war in Nullsec, but there’s nothing in these fourms… isn’t that weird? Hm.


One post which tangentially touched on it, but the otherwise complete lack of posting is … interesting.

It’s just demographics. Nullsec primarily uses reddit.
No P2W

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Null-sec is very fun and exciting. Come join in on the big wars and all the other events and festivities instead of wasting your time clubbing baby seals in their Ventures in high-sec like some kind of PvP carebear!


They’ve lost their ratting space. Now they have to do it in high sec.

So can we expect to see more TEST posting here once they relocate to Highsec?


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No. But i have rigs for sale .


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LOL! Is that war just ended? The funny thing about modern EVE wars is that if you aren’t hanging on eve/reddit, you basically don’t know when wars begin, how they are going and when they end.

I don’t see a list with destroyed titans on zkillboard. The last time that war brought my attention in december last year, some time after Christmas. I remember during one morning, I logged into EVE and also opened zkillboard on the second screen. And WOW! I saw like 7 or 8 pages with destroyed titans.

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Thank you CCP for killing this war with your abysmal server performance.

Somehow, I don’t think it’s finished. Merely moved to a different phase.


I’m sure you can find another game that has 4000 character PvP, you have too, if CCP’s server is such trash.


Who won?

Was it me?

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Yeah, server performance is one of the main reasons why players are leaving nullsec alliances or quitting EVE at all, in my opinion. Nowadays you can have a 10% TiDi per constellation with only 1500 pilots on the system grid. You barely can do anything in entire constellation. Holy moly, once I was stuck in such a mess. It took me hours to get out from there in an Interceptor.

CCP really has to research how to fix this issue in one of two ways: by increasing server performance or by changing in game mechanics referring to how those battles can happen. In WoW BGs, LoL zones, Fortnite and e.t.c you can have a limited max amount of participants per environment.

To some degree, you are right. For me, as a trivial player, based on what I managed to track until February 2021, that war had three phases: initial “normal phase”, the “maximal destruction phase” and the “keep players in EVE” phase.

The normal phase took place from summer 2020 to November. Was a tactical accurate phase. Then in December something happened, like from 10 possible paths you’ll get the hardest one with maximal destructions, viral news, recordings for EVE history, you know.

The year 2021 is a post COVID year, a year with a lot of floodings, fires, climateric catastrophes, economic crysis, vacations and other stuff. People are moving, looking for a new job, working from home, returning to office, don’t wanna return to office and so on.

In addition, CCP nerfed the TTT… LOL… and, moreover, they unlocked the ESS main banks with a fu-king 20T ISK in total rewards. It reminds me the introduction of Faction Fortizars era. So, alliance leaders are like “WTF?! We don’t have enought pilots to mess with 1DQ and we have to protect our banks”. Resources, ISKies and influence, since 2010, are the main in game assets, while eve/reddit drama is just blah-blah-blah.



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How agravating…

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I don’t use reddit at all and I knew about from here and dozens of other sources…
I have no idea anymore which threads they were in here but there were some.

So no fighting at all when one side manages to cap out the node?

CCP uses arguably the best server hardware in the world, some blades are even experimental, feel free to design your own server (or game) that can handle trillions of requests a second in order.


Multiple exclamation points!!!

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And the ignorance here regarding the server is mind blowing… Plus they’re experimenting with those wild eve Hadean setups, so clearly thinking about the future.