War SitRep

So, I finally thought to ask, but what is the situation of Null Sec these days? Any big wars? Or is it relatively all quiet out there in fleet vs. fleet?

In other words, what’s the geopolitical situation in EvE?

I think this sums it up nicely:


Very awesome, I’ll peruse that site to see what more info there is! How do these coalitions intra-relate? Do they still fight within each other? Or are they pretty “civilized”? Let alone the question about if there is any reason for them to have inter-coalition wars, it looks like geographically they are pretty bound and stabilized?

Imperium can’t really project against Holy-Rental Empire for instance?

Imperium is expanding in the north at the moment. There has been a war going on for the past month.

If you want to keep up on nullsec, then r/eve is the best place to lurk.

Reddit has a strong presence of nullsec players.


Situational Report ?

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