Coalition - Industrial / PVE looking for Null-Sec Rent

We’re a small coalition of alliances and corporations that work together to defend each others’ structures and support one another in PVE and Industry. We range in SP from 20m to 70m pilots. Our model has operated effectively in WH space. We’ll support allies and we’re drama and ■■■■■■■■-free – we’re not interested in dropping corp or being absorbed into another entity; we’re co-operative and supportive but not meat for the pilot grinder.

We’re interested in moving into null-sec; if our allies assets get attacked we will assist and if an allied pilot is in crisis we’ll more than likely send help or light an exit cyno.

Message me in game, maybe something could happen. If you maintained your corps would you join an alliance? How active is your group. This is an alt so it may take half a day or so for me to respond.


I’d be interested in setting up a meeting to talk with you and your coalition if you’re interested. I run a newly formed alliance which has taken sov in eastern Etherium Reach. We’ve held the space for almost 3 weeks and are now under attack from a russian entity. If you guys helped us to defend the space we would be willing to open it to you.

Let me know if you’re interested,


Message me in game. I need details and we can talk

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