Corp Looking for a Small Alliance or Corp's renting space that want a friend


So to keep it short, We are looking for a small alliance in Null renting or not, that would like to add a new industry crop to the group.
or some corps that are renting and would like to lower the bill and get some friends also. and share a system with us .

we are mostly industry focused corp. we got our own rorq’s to boost and we can build our own capital’s and supers/titans.
we got some pilots that can use super’s most all can use dread or carrier. we can help in some way’s

if you would consider us throw me a eve mail or replay to this topic. and lets see if we can’t get to some conclusion :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading
Have a nice day


null-sec industrial pve

Sent you a mail

I’m very interested to talk to you. I would have mailed you in game but eve login is broken right now.

We’re not renting so there’s no bill to pay and we already have a strong pvp group. We also have mineral buyback in place and a solid Jita courier system.

I’m trying to recruit solo miners to my corp (see Miners needed for null! Make lots of ISK! Build and sell to alliance!) but having a whole corp join us would be really great. If you can just push the industry index up to max and list fitted ships/hulls on contract at fair prices, you’d be making a huge contribution. No rent, no required CTAs.

Please mail me in game to talk some more.


bump :slight_smile:

Adolf, have you ever considered living in Worm space? We are currently living in a C4 with easy access to K-space and are also looking for indy corps to come in and join us. We have assess to hi end gas and plenty of ore. We don’t pay rent or answer to any null bloc overlords. We handle our own buisness.

Devils Paradox is a very low key, easy going alliance. We do not have mandatory CTAs or obsess over killboards . All we ask is that people fly smart and watch intel channels. Thats it! Our alliance has corps from all over the globe but our primary focus is USTZ.

If you would like further information feel free to join our public channel TDR_public. or contact Myself (vynok) dragko or Splendorfire in game for more info

got some realy intresting offers. still want to see if there is more out there before we make up our mind.

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