Miners needed for null! Make lots of ISK! Build and sell to alliance!

Are you a miner?

Then T.R.I.A.D needs you. We want miners to push up our industry index and build ships for our pvpers.

We offer:

  • Safe null sec with large amounts of all ores available.
  • Friendly guys to hang out with in EU, US and NZ timezones.
  • New player friendly. Bring your venture!
  • Opportunity to help build a relatively small alliance.
  • Mineral buyback program (see screenshot below).
  • Jita courier service and online shop (paste in multi-buy to have stuff delivered to your door)
  • Mining barges available on contract in UAV.
  • Mining boosts!
  • No requirement to pvp. We have plenty of pvpers (but you can join us to fight if you want)
  • No drama

We tell you what to mine to maximise ISK (note, prices based on 50% refining which is lower than what you can actually refine at).

Here’s our main advert: T.R.I.A.D Recruiting [Null Sec] [Minmatar FactionWarfare] [Ushra’Khan]

Still need miners!

We’re continuing to recruit miners and all types of player.

Hi, i describe myself as a miner, but recently purchase this toon ( combat ) and interesed in join to u as a miner and as faction welfare. I go to learn this eek mining barge in this toon


I know i am a low miner (50m points mostly in combat) but my hobby is mining.

Where i must apply ?

Hey! Send me a mail in game with your api key and i will send you our teamspeak details for a short teamspeak interview.

Also please join Voices U’K channel in game and ask to speak to a TRIAD recruiter.

We still need miners. So Many Roids.


Ushra’Khan has so much more to offer than mining in Nullsec.

Miners are in high demand. As you can see, our buy-back plan is quite reasonable. You do not have to sell your ores to us, you can haul it (or better, have it hauled) to anywhere else (like Jita) or build cool stuff with it.

Our Nullsec division is growing and it’s quite profitable.

If you’re not into mining (or even, if not), we do other stuff as well, like participate in some nullsec battles of our allies, Faction Warfare and other lowsec stuff.

So if you’re into mining and want to do it in Nullsec (only a few jumps from Highsec), consider joining us. It’s far more profitable and the alliance environment is awesome! :heart:

Join the channel “Voices U’K” for more info.


Still looking for more miners!

Recruiting some more!

Need more miners!

3.5m sp retriever, looking for euro players in a relaxed group to learn and progress drop me a line

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