Looking to rent space in null

(Issler Dainze) #1

Our corp of mining and industrialist is seeking an opportunity to move to null, So who is currently looking to rent space. We’d make great pets!

(Inactive Seller) #2

As far i know WERMT is the alliance renter with more options now, but Cohortes Triarii is always solid. Near all the others are full right now or focused to russian people.

(Issler Dainze) #3


(Napoleon Drath) #4

If you are not already renting I would like to provide you with another option. Please mail ingame if you are interested.

(Issler Dainze) #5

I will contact you tonight.

(Thomas McLoed) #6

If you’re still looking, Angevin Empire (Alliance) is recruiting industrial Corps into NPC Nullsec (Outer Ring) with established infrastructure in the area, a network of blues, and up to -0.9 system - no rent required, just join in and help your Alliance-mates out!

(KiloAlpha) #7

Contact me in game , lots of space , good rates

Mordus angels

(Aideron Audeles) #8

Contact me in game if your interested.
We are incorporating minor corps into our own and recruiting suitable corps for our alliance.


(Bronson Tyse) #9

TXG/GDUSK are now taking applications for Renters we have excellent space in Querious where you can Mine and rat to your hearts content without fear of loosing space. As Far as earning potential in Mining Querious is second only to Delve and is also protected by the Imperium. TXG/GDUSK does not require renters to form for fleets although when renters do show up it is much appreciated. Contacts: https://evewho.com/pilot/Euner+Ramon

(Exaido) #10

Small Industrial / PVE coalition (mix of alliances and corporations) looking for Renter Space.

(lordlax) #11

We have space over in dronelands, convo me ingame and ill help you look at our systems and get you in touch with head of renting.

(system) #12

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