Looking for Rental Space Nullsec / PVE Corp

Hello I’m looking to rent nullsec system(s) for ratting
or a corporation where I can put some alts into for easy ratting
not looking for cta/fleets/mandatory stuff
basically I want to make good scaling money and pay my tax/rent in exchange
Please contact me here or ingame mail

What we offer:
✠ Winter Co Group for 3 years+
✠ English Speaking Corp/Alliance
✠ Alliance Also looking for active corps
✠ Discord/Mumble/ESI
✠ Ratting/Backbone Industry/Pvp
✠ Hourly corp/coalition fleets & many daily alliance fleets.
✠ Ever growing EU/US corp to the alliance
✠ Quick ISK with an ORE & loot buyback programs.
✠ Seed our own market with us
✠ Cartel.Pub

daily bump

I’ve found something, thanks for all the replies here or ingame

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