Looking to rent null space

Renting seems to be a large frowned upon topic of eve. Most others are so completely against it but I do ask you to hear me out and then give me your opinion.

I am an indy/mining player at heart. I enjoy ratting as well for the occasional break. I’ve spent a lot of time in high sec, and nullsec. I’ve spent some time living in wormholes as well. I honestly do believe that nullsec is the place to be for someone such as myself. Now for one of the most common questions, why not just go join one of the blobs in null? Well there are many reasons but the most important ones are as follow:

  • I don’t want to deal with politics
  • I want to be able to have a system to myself and be able to utilize all the system’s resources for myself
  • I don’t want to have to worry about paps

Yes, i know there are many different corps in the alliances that just mine, build and rat and generally jew around and that is essentially considered their “paps”. I know that if you’re essentially just a member of a corp that you really don’t worry about the politics of eve but it usually is still there one way or another. Most importantly though, being a miner and indy guy, I’m tired of always having to fight other people for stuff. You find a quiet system to mine in and then before you know it everyone is coming in to mine and before you know it, it’s gone. And Ice? you’re lucky to get a little bit before someone comes in multiboxing 30 accounts and scoops it all up.

Now, I’m certainly not complaining about any designs of eve or how everyone runs about doing their thing. This is just simply what I’ve seen in my time and the direction I feel like i have to go about. I do understand that in renting, I am throwing a chunk of my profits away to temporarily have a system and i could lose it at any time. I’m here though because I’d like some input from others as to if it does sound like it would be a good way for me to go or if there really are other good options out there for me.

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Renting allows the pilot or corporation an amount of freedom to live in sometimes the most desirable space, often this is outside of players or a Corporations reach without a little help. Access and entry in to life in Null is often a pretty steep challenge and the options are fairly limited to groups that do not want to be ping warriors logging in to every CTA, Strat Op or even mining Ops. For some people they try break in to Null life by first going to a group like PROVI Block where they fly under the banner of NRDS. This means if the character is not set RED to Provi Block you’re not allowed to engage in PvP with them but you can shoot in self defence, which generally gets investigated and one of you is going to end up getting set RED to Provi Block. So if you’re after the quiet life unfortunately Provi Block isn’t going to be for you, the area is rife with neutral spies that provide intel to pirate groups that get their kicks out of dropping capitals and Black Ops style ships on anything bigger than a Vexor Navy Issue, mostly out of boredom.

So this pretty much narrows down your choices to trying to exist under the radar inside an alliance that is part of a blob (essentially leeching), joining an alliance with next to no standards (inevitable eviction) or renting from an established alliance. There are lots of alliances that chose to offer space to rent and while some question if it is right or wrong to rent at the end of the day it is always going to come down to ‘what is right for you and you playtime/IRL commitments?’

If you’re interested in renting Evictus [IOU] has some rental options in both Sansha and Angel Space, feel free to reach out to us in game.


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Sup bro. I have the answer for you.

Come hang with me. You can do w/e you want. And if you choose to join a fleet cool. We do not use paps or fats or all that. We have nullsec sov non-renter.

All that I would ask of you is to be on comms when you’re on and shoot the breeze with us.

I have rented on my main toon for the longest time, I think everyone has their own reasons for it but there is one thing that is common. The players within your corporation like that, want that and enjoy that playstyle / commitment level.

I think the Grr Renter meta is slowly dwindling and is getting better understanding from alliances. I hope you get the right team to support your needs.

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