Seeking small corp friendly Alliance near Domain Region

Greetings, I’ve been running a small private corporation and we are primarily industrialists and mission runners but have had experience participating in Severance and CVA operations in the past.

Currently we are looking to expand out into null sec and learn more about the game and how to participate in the bigger picture, as well as gain access to null sec resources.

Please contact in-game: viziel to open contact.

Thank You

I know of an alliance down that way that does some operations in lowsec if you happen to be interested. Not my alliance, but friends of mine.

That would be great, I’m interested in opening convo with any parties that would allow us to share their space. Thanks

have you considered Nullsec at all? Good people, primarily industry , frequent PVP in araa

Hi viziel!

I’d highly recommend my alliance – Apocalypse Now, ticker is APOC – as a good fit for you. We live in Providence, but we have a number of allied corps and alliances that live and work in our space. In fact, as is the case with NRDS space, any party that abides by NRDS rules of engagement and some basic etiquette is welcome to live and work here.

There’s no formal commitment, no need to join up. Just reach out to our diplo (I can put you in touch; just convo or send mail) and let them know you’re friendly and would like to set up shop. We even have some stations you could dock, and the local market is open to you.

Hope to see you out here!


Great! I will follow up thank you all for your submissions it helps allot. I hope to see you in friendly skies.

hey man,

Still Looking for an Alliance? Message me on discord I would love to chat with you guys!

[E-FED] Gralek Mena#5246

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