[R E L L I K] The Return to Piracy

To whom it may concern:

Today is a day of reckoning. I have finally awaken from a long slumber and today will be the first day of my quest to resurrect the old ways. Far too long has the weak patrol without the fear strickening their heart. Far too long has the industry gone undisrupted. Far too long have you awaken from a deep sleep screaming of the imagery of our ships ripping you apart until there is nothing.

It has been a long time coming for all parties. You have squandered what we have left you. Growing fat in greed and lust without the slightest appreciation for all those who bled and died for you. No more can I allow this to go further. In the words of those who raise the black flag, I quote:

I promise I’ll discover your trade and passenger routes, I promise I’ll overtake any ship that runs thru my territory, I promise I’ll put to good use whatever I find on board, And I promise nobody will get hurt in the process, Oh well, three outta four aint bad.

I’m here and I’m waiting…

My Return to Piracy


Oh goody, we haven’t had one of these in a while. Have fun storming the castle!

So are you guys blooders or sansha fanbois? Your video gave bit of mixed messages, wanting blood and all.

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Eh, warzone gits. They are reasonably capable, but still the same old plex warriors as before. Of course, naming themselves “Winmatar” and then swapping sides is an eyeroller.

So, if you don’t spend too much time in Kamela, these oh so scawy piwates are perfectly harmless unless they get batphoned.

I wouldn’t worry, it’s not like anyone in the MinAmarr warzone has competence or numbers anymore.

Hmm… Pirates declaring they’re pirates. Usually when you have to announce your intentions your intentions aren’t that strong or should I say lackluster since it’s not apparent. We’ll see I guess.


One must declare as there is a severe lack of us still around. That will change.


Normally I’d say something to the effect of “that’s because they simply do it” however, ya it really has been quiet on that front. Too quiet almost…


Well, what kind of pirates are you? Why did you slumber a thousand years and what does this part really mean?

Don’t leave me hanging!

Many of my brethren have been hunted, killed, or simple lost over time. Many of the old ways have fallen, where many of the new ways have been extremely fruitful. As time ticks on, many of you have forgotten the history that has helped gotten you here. You are living in an age of security that wraps your body tightly to fend off the cold dark hearts that used to plague you.

It is very rare that you see my kind, but I fear they are still lurking there in the shadows. Waiting for their time to shine and dance in the streams of blood once again. Thus, when you ask me what type of pirate I am? I will simple state that I am the right kind.



Well… That’s vague, but I guess that’ll have to do then.

The real question is if they are the type of pirates that take fights or that scurry away when something even remotely threatening appears.


strick·en (strĭk′ən)
A past participle of strike.

  1. Struck or wounded, as by a projectile.

a. Affected by something overwhelming, such as disease, trouble, or painful emotion.
b. Incapacitated; disabled.
3. Having the contents made even with the top of a measuring device or container; level: a stricken measure of flour.

Probably to make something stricken.

Now to the real real question here, what is this the time and place for? Is this just some propaganda post?

Wow, the Angel managed to make the scawy shadowy piwate cry out in butthurt in a single grammar post. One post.

Yeah I don’t think these widdle wats are going to be much of a concern.


I was just genuinely teasing him and now you’ve gone and turned this into hazing the new guy.


Aaaaand… you propose to threaten the ‘security’ by ‘disrupting industry’? Is this just a ‘in the places it’s safe for us to disrupt things’ or do you intent to attempt to really disrupt industry?

Fly hard, pilot. I’m not particularly fond of your chosen brand of pomposity, but you’re already catching enough general displeasure for that as it is, and you seem to be willing to pair it with some good aggression – I remember what that’s like. Good luck. Cut those teeth sharp.


Someone has a lot to learn about the IGS and how it works. :wink:

If you pirate in Minmatar space I’m sure we’ll get to know each other sooner or later.


You should learn to savour threads like these. It’s always just fun and games and getting called edgy until people find out, hey, you don’t have any moral boundaries you’re unwilling to cross to get what you want.

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I’m mostly just curious where this disruption is going to be. I have some valuables to ferry in my oh-so-unarmed ship, and I’d like to give the Great Old Ones a chance to claim it.

Also, hello, Mizhara. Nice to see a familiar name! Retirement is terrible.

Y’all belong to a museum.