We all love New Eden! Some people just need to cool their jets

So - I’m bored - long day at work and so I decide to log into New Eden and just warp around.

Warped to a belt in HS and orbited an Orca for a bit - they said hello in local than they and their fleet warped off to another site.

drifted for a minute - saw a blood raider site - warped to it - some dudes running it in a Arbitrator - so I put my drones out to help clear the first room with him. I don’t have any intention to take the loot from the BC.

local chat once I got to the blood raider site and let my drones out!

[01:21:14] Athe Ism > ■■■■■■
[01:21:20] Amarisen Gream > what?
[01:21:26] Arttu > ?
[01:21:28] Amarisen Gream > have i touched your loot?
[01:21:48] Athe Ism > just find a gun and shoot yourself in the face
[01:22:10] Amarisen Gream > how about you finish your sight. and not think i’m here to pirate you stuff

I think I need to start scrubbing off my lack of desire to pvp… some people are just salty and don’t like help… they are probably better off in a clean pod and their ship in a salvageable state.


That’s not salt, that’s just the local vernacular.

This ain’t WoW, nobody gives a ■■■■ about your boredom and desire to just fly around and wave hello. Nobody needs help in high-sec; everything is soloable. And in low, null, or w-space, if they need help they’ll bring their own people. So, you get treated with the standard greeting.

■■■■ off is the standard greeting in this game.


I know and I find it funny/ironic… I even told the guy to go finish his site.

sorry. I’m not to great with what terms to use where!

Hey, if 10 people walk up to you and kick you straight in the balls, wouldnt you tell the 11th person to ■■■■ off before he started doing the same? :stuck_out_tongue: Regardless of his intentions
Thats kinda the deal here, he must have had other people steal his stuff.


As Memphis points out, this is the vernacular of some in EVE, and online, especially in gaming, overall.

Personally, I just ignore it and look down on people that are of such low moral character to choose to express themselves this way out of all their other options.

Atleast, they could show some creativity by saying something like “go cement your head into a toilet bowl” instead.

If you are genuinely offended, or vindictive, you can report them and let CCP decide. Its your right to do so as a customer, and technically they are breaking the TOS/EULA.

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I think that’s what festival launchers and snowballs were created for :grin:

Barring that there is always antimatter…


Considering that so many people just silently help you clear the site and then steal the loot from you, people get easily conditioned to believe that you are the same kind. Instead of trying to help him silently, you should have offered him to help him in local or a private convo. That’s what I do during such an event if I feel like I don’t want to warp out of a site. Don’t blame this Arbitrator pilot to expect the worst when the worst is what EVE is all about.

So, next time don’t behave like a thief. Instead behave like a social person and you are less likely to receive such a reaction to your actions.


What’s the ulterior motive here?

I always have this image in my mind when somebody reacts like that.

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Well, most people do steal the loot, especially when they see a weak ship like an Arbitrator. I use a Gila to do these sites and people still try to steal the loot, but my Gila usually wins :smiley: One guy even wardecced my corp after he failed twice to steal my loot.

My alt on the other hand can only fly a VNI and he gets his loot stolen pretty much every time when someone decides to do the same site. Pretty annoying when it happens everytime.


Real problem here is that people don’t know or can’t accept the fact that nothing in EvE is yours. Your ship isnt’ yours, its just a space debris it didn’t become yet. Stuff in your cargo bay doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the guy willing and being able to take it from you, and then it belongs to the other guy with bigger guns. DED sites, missions, relic/data sites, event sites or whatever pve your’e doing aren’t yours, they all belong to someone with bigger experience and faster ship. Being green or having a worse ship doesn’t entitle you to any special treatment, you have to make your way up just like everyone did. This should be a disclaimer you have to read every time you log and it definitely should be clearly stated in NPE. By logging to EvE you join a grotesque version of RL with no rules, and a space theme on top.

Being a pve’r myself I learned to cherish hostile company in all pve I do. Sites become repetitive very fast and only fun factor left is that competition. It has come to a point I feel really disappointed when people leave the site when I warp in and that happens a lot. Usually it’s that or “GTFO its my site” - well in that case not any more … (on contrary some ask if they can have the site for themselves and they get it).

As for the topic - EvE being like real world consists of people who enjoy, people feeling entitled to something, those who wake up and go to sleep salty, and so on and on. Can’t change it in RL, can’t change it in EvE also. Meeting those I just hit warp and enjoy beauty of space …


My ship is mine before it becomes debris. And all stuff inside it is mine too. :moneybag:

If you can keep it that way, its cool.

Some people can’t though, they rage and blame others for their own mistakes and that’s not so cool.

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It’s what this game is about and what it conditions some people into. I have no problem with that. Let them rage if it makes them feel better. There are ways to show them that you mean it when you want to help them; if you don’t use these ways it is your own fault if you get raged at.

As for your other post: Your summary is correct and you can show this disclaimer to everyone every time they log in. However, if you constantly get the short end of the stick, constantly get your stuff stolen that you worked for for hours because your ship is not as powerful as that T2 or faction ship of the “older/better” guy, frustration builds up. As said, I have offered my help to several people and have received warm and relieved responses and gratitude for my help.
However, even if a person is ill equipped to run a site efficiently, and even if that person accepted that any free site is fair game for everyone (relic and data sites are not free sites, when it comes to that. Only one person can hack a container and only the person that hacked the container can ever access it. :slight_smile: ), and you warp in and run the site without saying a word, it is a fair response to your action. Maybe not the exact wording (even I find it a bit harsh) but the general message. I find it rather intriguing that someone would put a remark about it on the forums after that person clearly behaved like a thief, which warrants such a response. :wink:

Last night some dawg was doing it to me too.

We had a great competition to see who could finish first in each site.

Over and over and over again.

It was sharing the loot EvE style but would have been moreso if he’d whipped from my can.

But why didn’t you steal his stuff? He is basically asking for it


Well there’s times when discretion is more useful.

And perhaps a thread of adventure to be pulled at a later time.

Problem is (as several of the above people have already said) most people who show up at a Blood Raider site do indeed steal ‘your’ loot.

I’ve done dozens of those sites, and the main thrill is being in the final wave and watching the Overview for other players, desperately hoping you’ll take down the Battlecruiser/ship before anyone shows up.

I had to go suspect at one site to loot ‘my’ Blood Raider Battlecruiser (the guy in the Dominix didn’t fancy fighting me over it or at least didn’t react fast enough to stop me before I was gone).

Another time I killed a guy who went suspect stealing ‘my’ loot and yet another time I decided to engage a guy in an Ishtar who stole ‘my’ loot and I lost my ship.

Lot’s of content at least.

But yeah, little honour, lots of thieves, not Hello Kitty in space.

I understand most people are conditioned to the don’t trust anyone, if you stick my backside into LS or null I hardly trust even the people I’m in fleet with as I’ve been awoxed by blues before -

Sad thing was - it wasn’t the 2nd room it was the warp room you warp into - all I planned on doing was helping to kill off those rats and then move on as he completed the site. I’ve warped into a number of peoples sites in my area and helped cleared the first room, yes most of them are probably like “crap a thief” but even if I make it to room two and help you. I make a point to not shoot the BC…

I’m also a sick minded chump who likes to do things and see how people react.

But all in all - I still love New Eden because it breeds these people. I’d have very little content if it didn’t.

The original title was just going to be We all love New Eden… but I didn’t feel that was enough for the topic, and probably overshot it with the additional words I added.

I’m the guy who made them hate you -.-