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New Eden IS on the rise…remember those days?

Undocking to Times of Sanguinity, ratting the belts, running missions. King of the Universe…then you get your can flipped by a frigate, lock it up and then in warps three Megathrons. Then the swears in local ’ You f****!’ set the whole fireball that is eve Online into every system in New Eden.

The Leviathan at Luminaire - ’ Bro, why do you have lasers fitted to your Thorax and are using Mag Stabs? "

“Bro, shut up! That’s how I like my ship fit!”

Large rigs on frigates, mining in a battlecruiser, those God aweful early character portraits…

“Where’s the closest trade hub?”

Undocking from a station, locking up the first ship, which you had no idea was Concord, shot it and then kept getting pwned everytime you undocked by Concord and then ask in local, 'Why are they shooting me."

“Bro, you can’t shoot Concord.”


The B.O.B incident, which I was that close…that close to joining but told the B.O.B recruiter, ‘No Thank You’.

Being recruited by a pirate corps that awoxed me every day because other pirates were stealing from the corps garage. That was a harrowing WTF experience.

Many years before that and very young…playing Star Raiders Mom, saying that Dad would be home soon and doesn’t like those games, writing Atari about wanting to be a game developer.

Then the greatest thing happened…those who know the background story…we all know.

We’ve all been there; this is Eve Online.

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I’m just gonna go ahead and straight-up ask: are you an AI chat bot?


Yeah, I’m an AI chat bot getting ready to go get food. So advanced that I can even twist your own sarcasm.

I miss the days when people didn’t call each other “bro” and “newbros” were still called noobs, newbs or newbies or whatever the EVE jargon for them was, I’ve forgotten.


Only ones doing this are alts. So if someone pretending to be new uses that phrasing you know he’s lying, he probably gave himself away earlier though.

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