Eve then and now

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15 years


Funny thing, back then we had adventure. Things were different, but new. Not the same fundamentally mechanical elements in new packaging. We hadn’t figured out yet how we behave, nor did we write the manuals on the excesses of our behaviour so we could use it, abuse it, ward against it, calculate it.

I remember that lone rock with zydrine as last one standing in high sec.

I remember discovering space, populating it (in spite of no women out there, don’t ask for details)

I remember NPC trade good differences across regions

I remember so many early changes that New Eden actually entropy, before it was lost entirely

I remember highway changes so deep they counted as cataclysms

I remember figuring out entirely new doctrines and tactics instead of rehashing variations

I remember a truly ■■■■ but immensely cool 3D HUD with vector tracking

I remember living out of giant secure containers in null before colonising it

I remember truly burning regions

I remember CCP being part of their emergent dynamic

I remember ■■■■■■■ mining in an Apocalypse

I remember New Eden having actual refugees

I remember CCPians throwing a guy from the cantina terrace over some windows thingy

I remember a sweet and stupendously smart tiny redhead from CCP asking players for their stories

I remember her - and others - asking for advice

I remember Yulai

I remember both time and effort being not only related but carrying intrinsic value

I remember tanking Concord

I remember player community communications being outward bound by definition

I may at times remember killing CCPians in Concord ships :stuck_out_tongue:

The visuals? The shiny? The bling? None of that ever really mattered. It’s about people creating stories. Shame we can’t make truly new ones. Especially because CCP did turn the ship around for smoother sailing.

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Many of those things are simply the result of learning and mastering a game.

A lot of those things come at great expense of others for which there were great tears, and re-balance.

And a lot more of those things come from re-balancing which a great many now cry about to great lengths.

To get such things back into this game for some will probably result in a great number of rage-quits by others.

I remember a day when this game wasn’t Supercaps Online…
It was a lot more fun and dynamic game space then. Many of the things you lament are a direct result of Supercaps Online.

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Nice anecdote Siege Red.

Epic moments yes, but also nostalgically transfigured. As the (in-)famous Freighter convoys (no JF’s) and living out of containers as you said.

It was also much more time consuming and often just annoying, especialy the logistic stuff. People often forget that when telling storys from old times. I for my part don’t want to miss the many quality of life improvements made over the last decade. Most of us have jobs now and don’t have that much playtime like when we went to school.

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We will rescue us from ourselves…prophetic?

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Ah. The No Other Destiny trailer.
Not sure. Didn’t the freighter and dreadnough first came in the Exodus: Cold War
Release date: June 29, 2005 and the Carrier, Mothership, and Titan in the Exodus: Red Moon Rising
Release date: December 16, 2005
Also at 2:34 you can see the more modern ship UI compared to the old style in the top video.
Pretty sure this video vas made for E3 2006.

Anyway - here is a real 2003 treat for you.

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Sorry, I meant to show the trailer which caught my interest. Not the original.

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That’s fine.
Yours is one of the best trailers out there and way better than the one I found :wink:

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I remember Band of Brothers. When someone said “BOB”,the others would immediately think about the alliance,not the meme.


True indeed - though it has to be said that because things were hard the connections were deeper, and because things were slower stories had a wider reach.

I’m not so certain whether the variable of age / life ever was such a big one. I recall most of the organisers of those deep space 40+ freighter convoys constantly being wary of logon traps being what we then considered senior citizens. The people with jobs, wives, kids, bastards, mistresses and such.

That said, there was one giant variable difference: selling gametime for ISK was illegal :stuck_out_tongue: When you map out individual and group behaviour traits with that as a demarcation of development over time, it is impossible to escape the observation that player behaviour changed tremendously.

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BNC…fun times

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My favorite Eve video.

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it was so pretty back then. gouraud shading adds so much more than this sharp, plastic look of modern times.

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I still prefer the old Scorpion and the original character models. They were just cartoon-ish enough to add a distinct flavor to the game.