Ahoy, Pirates!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Figured I would toss up something not relating to the carebears ganking in high-sec.

What’s the status of piracy this year? Anyone still in the trade? Anyone doing more than just flying in FW to pick fights? Love to hear if anything else is out there.

Piracy has long been dead, but I hope one day, I would find someone doing something.

Low sec is where I wish to be one day.

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What are you waiting for then?

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True piracy has been dead for many years.

You mean the “we talk and dress like pirates and fly blingy ships in lowsec and we have “honour” and stuff”- wanabe-pirates or the real pirates that actually pirate stuff in highsec?


You mean piracy in the sense of ask for ransom and honor ransoms? This is dead indeed. Piracy in the sense of shooting at every thing that moves and can be killed, is fine.

For me the reason is simple, honored ransoms don’t give you a killmail to show, and not honoring ransoms is kind of lame. I was maybe asked a dozen times about ransoms, I declined all and went for the kill and loot.

Not honoring ransoms is just good sense. Why take just a ransom or just a killmail when you can have both? Or if you are really an elite status pirate you can take the ransom, then talk them into ejecting and take the ship home too.

I just don’t feel like this would be right. To each her/his own rules. I’m doing it for the hunt and kill, loot is just bonus.


Eh the only way I allow myself to make isk is to steal it, so I take as much as I can get. Its a matter of principle. Won’t catch me grinding PVE, industry, or markets. I live by a code.

I’m CEO of a pirate corp that’s part of a solo and small gang alliance. We hunt non-fw space looking for filthy carebears to evict. Currently at war with Vastly Outnumbered and Shoot First. Well if they ever logged in we would be.

What am I waiting for? What Am I Waiting For?

Can’t decide which low sec system to park my phoenix.

Wasn’t this clarified already? Tama!

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Well I seen this video

And then things had changed as I would really like to go out in style in a huge fight like the one in the video.

I agree wit this.
If you take a ransom, you should honor it. Or decline if you rather want the kill.

I only took a ransom once. It was a T1 hauler doing PI in null. I was only in an Interceptor, but we parted ways with him alive and me with a couple millions more in my wallet.
My train of thought there was that whatever PI the guy was hauling, I would not have been able to loot it anyway. And a killmail of a T1 hauler is not something I would brag about. :man_shrugging:


I don’t get the “I’m a pirate but I’m honorable” thing really. I mean it’s not like not lying on top of attempting to murder someone and steal from him will make you a better person (in the game).

Call it a personal ruleset.

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I thought you were supposed to kill the ship anyway and ransom the Pod?

If you honor a ransom once, you are more likely to get another one.
How you treat others affects your reputation among them. And if you take a ransom and blow the guy up anyway you might get both loot and ransom this one time. But he surely won’t pay you a second or even third time when you should catch him again.

When you stay for a while in an area you usually get to know the people flying around there. And sooner or later you build relationships with them.
Your interaction with other players decides how they think of and treat you.

It’s not really about “piracy” and “honor” for me. I just like to keep my word.


I find it simpler if I set out with a purpose to kill and loot and do just that (or die ofc), rather than engage in discussion and ransoms and all that faff.

Post coitus chit-chat is fine.

During, no.


I like to pin the miner down and really get to know them. When they can’t get away, it forces them to take the conversation more seriously.