EVE Online - Spectre Fleet's GANKED 538: ESS Smartbombs!

After Action Report Debrief from the FC, Virion Stoneshard: “With the upcoming battleship changes, as well as the current hull drugs + hybrid damage drugs, I wanted to take out a ‘last hurrah’ of sorts - and so Ganked 538 formed with BRUTE FORCE. With almost a hundred pilots, 25 megathrons, 30 brutixes and a bunch of hulltanked kitchensink ships, we set out to Horde space. Upon arriving in Paala, right out their front door, our scouts and insiders confirmed the ingate was ready to be bubbled, with a SLYCE ferox fleet already positioned at range. Not wanting to give them the advantage, we moved to EOA, another nullsec system 4j out. Apparently battleships with 13 seconds align time are hard to follow, because we heard that ‘these battleships are doing weird things’ - and it took them some time to catch up to us. A Hurricane fleet from Horde landed on the gate of the ESS we had taken, along with SLYCE’s ferox fleet. Together, they already severely outnumbered us, but apparently it wasn’t enough, so after 10 minutes of sitting on the gate, they turned tail and headed back to LXQ so that they could reship into a hard counter of Eagles, and ping for even more people. I’ve never sat in an ESS so long, waiting for a fight, yet laughing my ass off at how pathetic our enemy is being. First time for everything, I suppose! It took them another half hour to reship into Eagles, while PL joined them with Rokhs. In the end, they formed 285 people against our 103, with 10 command ships, 3 Monitors, 18 Basilisks, 38 Rokhs. 107 Eagles, 60 Feroxes, 15 Hurricanes and 23 Caracals + plenty of other support. Jesus christ, the levels of tryhard are hitting new highs these days. But, in all their overconfidence, they failed to counter the trap I had laid. A group of smartbombing battleships separated from our fleet as soon as we confirmed they were inbound, decimating the entire Ferox fleet upon landing, as well as small support, like the T1 cruisers, giving us a huge TI-DI spectacle of explosions as we started chewing into the brick wall of Basilisks. Sadly, being outnumbered 3 to 1 in a hulltank ‘meme’ fleet means we could only do so much, and we did end up getting destroyed soon after, taking a good few Basis down with us. GF lads - we punched hard for how much we got hard countered and overformed against, and made plenty explosions happen. BR: https://br.evetools.org/br/6211587e79… 20b lost vs almost 9B destroyed 'aint bad for a meme fleet facing three times the hostiles”

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