[Event] Threats and opportunities (Minmatar Moot pt2)

WHAT: Political discussion event and meet&greet for Minmatar capsuleers
WHERE: Tribal Wheelhouse, Brigade Beachhead, Floseswin IV (orbit)
WHEN: YC121 Sat 12-07 19:00 NEST (doors open 18:30)

This is to invite Minmatar capsuleers to a meeting to hear and share views on current events. Possible topics include but are not limited to: current state of the warzone and the treaty, the Triglavian threat, the state of the Republic and the relationships of the Tribes. Questions can be directed to anyone present.

We are determined that by open and frank communication we can stand united against external threats to our people. The Moot does not make decisions, it asks and answers, explains and listens, suggests and consideres. Decisions are made by each organization and individual separately; the Moot’s aim is to provide information and insight.

Program includes: a formal Standing Place discussion open to all speakers (who are on the invitation list, that is), free mingling. Drinks and snacks served.

You can use thread to let us know if you plan to be present and are willing and able to answer questions directed to your circle / clan / organization / other, if any.


  • Members of the arranging organizations (Ushra’Khan, Electus Matari)
  • Other Minmatar loyalist capsuleers and allies
  • Exceptions made or others on a case-by-case basis
  • Organizations and individuals needing temporary docking access, contact Kar’kharadon

CUSTOMS OF HOSPITALITY in effect include:

  • There shall be no violence in the premises from the start of the event till the end of the day outside of prearranged duels.
  • People are free to quote anything they hear in the meeting. Recordings of any kind cannot be distributed.
  • If you have requirements for customs to be included here in order to attend, please contact Elsebeth Rhiannon. We do our best to accommodate, within reason.
  • Note that Floseswin is on the warzone, so we cannot guarantee safe passage. Holo-access is available.

HOST: Kar’kharadon (assisting: Elsebeth Rhiannon)

List of organizations with cleared access to the venue’s Standing Place:
(please note that if you name is missing from this list, it does not mean you are not welcome; it means you are not cleared yet; please contact the hosts to confirm)

  • Corovid Industries
  • Electus Matari
  • Fate Weavers
  • Haven for Heros Initiative
  • Matari BackBone
  • Ourumur
  • Promethean Glaives
  • Unitas Nusquam Est
  • Ushra’Khan
  • Stjornauga Security Services

Individuals with the same:

  • Arrendis Culome
  • Astaire Quatrevaux
  • Deitra Vess
  • Literia
  • Mizhir Devara
  • Rinai Vero
  • Samira Kernher
  • Tabor Murn
  • Trii Seo
  • Tyrel Toov
  • Valerie Vyvenne

At the risk of being called masochistic, I’ll endeavor to attend. I expect I’ll only be able to stay for an hour, though, due to prior commitments later that evening.

Oh, edit: I am willing to answer questions.

(( I have work at 2100. What are Saturdays? xD ))


At the risk of being a killjoy, I’ve had this date as the Yule Ball for some time now. Is it possible to change your event date? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yea, we’ve noticed, and thanks for making sure.

We’re looking at alternatives but practicalities might intervene. I’ve edited the invitation to reflect the uncertainty of the date.


Alright, event has been moved to Sat Dec 07, ie a week forward from first announced, to accommodate for those individuals who will also want to be seen in the capsuleer social event of the season.

See you all there.

Mm. Saturdays are bad for me overall. I was going to suggest that I arrive a little early to give more time for any questions that may be addressed to me, but I’m not sure if there’s really interest in my doing that.

Well, you can still show up early and have some drinks or a dip in the baths, if nothing more formal shows up.

I’ll do that. Thank you.

Has this proposed thing been overtaken by events ?

If not, I would request the appropriate access, in my capacity as a member of my Clan: Clan Song Bird of Edmalbrurdus V.

I’ll make it a point to try to be there. While I certainly can’t speak to Matari affairs, I would be interested in a discussion of the Trig situation.

Might I inquire as to the dress code?

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We don’t have one.

Do we have a pants cipher, though? :smirk:

You are welcome as a fellow tribesmember and/or as representative of your clan.

Should your intent be to enter as a journalist of th Gutter Press, I remind you that this is a no-press-coverage event.

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Reminder: this is tomorrow.


Soon. If you need docking access, please contact Kar’kharadon.

To all who attended today: a thousand thanks for your time, words and understanding.
Apologies that it was cut short, we had both a bomb scare and word that House Sarum was mobilizing a fleet. As soon as we disbanded to retaliate however this vanished like morning mist. Foul play is suspected.
We shall meet again.

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I am for my own part terribly sorry for cutting the event short for a fight that never happened.

It is to be expected the enemy disperses if they think they cannot win the fight; less so to be expected that they’d have heard about the plans.

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