[EM] Ceremony and Party - 16th - 20:00

To commemorate the recent announcement of ceased hostilities between Electus Matari and Hogs Coalition, we the pilots of Electus Matari will be holding a ceremony and party this Sunday, the 16th, at 20:00 NEST.

We welcome any and all members of the alliance proper, Phoenix Naval Systems, and friends of the alliance (if you are unsure, please ask). Both the ceremony and the party will be held at The Prize, which is expected to finish renovations for the inclusion of a new auditorium for the event.

Current schedule (subject to change as needed) is as follows:

19:30 - Doors open for capsuleers
20:00 - Auditorium seating permitted
20:15 - Opening ceremony
21:00 - Intermission
21:15 - Closing ceremony / Commendations
22:00 - Party begins

Attendees may join both the ceremony and the party remotely or in person.


Be there!

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Reminder: this is today.

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Cannot promise I will make it, though I hope you enjoy your day, it has been well earned. Hopefully I’ll be able to show face later in the evening to shake a few hands at least. Minmatar High Security space is in your debt.


Doors are open.

Thanks for all who showed up, was fun. Been a while since we had a good excuse for a party.


Thank you everyone for showing up!


Oh, and thanks to Nomi for organizing. I think we should have a new role in the alliance now, it’s called social secretary and tag you’re it.


I hear both the ceremony and party were excellent, I was there in spirit. Happy to see you all finally were able to celebrate the victory.


I was also there in spirit as my body was busy fighting the slavers in Floseswin and Aset.

I will make your next victory party and hope you celebrated well. You deserved this for your great deeds for the Matari.
And before people try to spin this as a sarcastic comment: No I mean it as it is written.


Thank you.

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