[EM] Hostilities between Electus Matari and the Hogs Coalition to end

Pator, Kulheim RSS, YC122.02.09

After over a year of off-and-on fighting, the Electus Matari vs Hogs Collective conflict has come to a conclusion, with HC vacating Minmatar space.

Electus Matari (EM), a combat-oriented Minmatar loyalist organization focused on anti-piracy and strengthening the Republic internally, has been engaged in a prolonged conflict with Hogs Collective (HC), a collection of numerous organizations engaging high-security industrial operations and attempts of exclusive control of said activities in “their” space, since late YC120. Hostilities started when HC moved into Finanar and surrounding systems, and proceeded to aggressively assimilate and/or drive out smaller corporations in the area, often engaging in extortion schemes.

Some highlights of the campaign include every trick that current wardec mechanisms allow used at least once, a several-months cease-fire in the middle of it, EM members temporarily joining a nullsec alliance hired by Hogs as mercenaries against EM, and participation in what Scope has pegged as “probably the biggest battle in high-sec space yet”.

The hostilities culminated in EM and allies’ prolonged campaign to systematically identify and remove every Hogs collective major structure in Republic space, ongoing since about YC121/10. Towards the end of this campaign, an honest and frank effort was made by diplomats on both sides to find terms for a new cease-fire, but the goals of the organizations are so diametrically opposed that this proved impossible. On YC122/01/26, after losing their staging Astra and seeing their Fortizar in hull repeatedly, Hogs Collective reached out with an offer to simply leave tribal space. A truce was put into effect to facilitate the move, and the transition period is due to end on YC122/02/16.

EM is very pleased with the campaign, its result and with the professionalism by which the negotiations and transition so far have been conducted. We consider any claims of “ownership” of tribal space by anyone but legitimate authorities invalid, and remain committed to fighting threats against freedom and security of peaceful civilian life.

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Great News! :slight_smile:


Many thanks to Phoenix Naval for their aid in the war. Quite the pilots, that group.


PS. Recruitment has been re-opened. Contact any CEO or yours truly. :wink:

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Congratulations to the pilots of EM and their allies.


Great work EM and Allies!


I agree. The “Republic” has nothing but invalid claims on the territory for which the Amarr Empire is the legitimate authority.

That ceased to be funny sometime around spring of YC5.


Oh, fantastic! Wonderful news. Do you think if you check the local markets, pork prices have gone down?

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Congratulations on finishing this conflict!


Is that for single capsuleers only or corps as well? Just curious honestly.

Saw your reddit post earlier. Congrats on the EM vs. HC victory, man. o7




Best war ever.



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