Electus Matari members return home

Word’s going to be out anyway soon, so to make you hear it from me first: our original agreement no longer in effect and the warzone looks like it needs us, so Unitas is packing up our toys and EM will reform in the coming weeks.

Questions, concerns, etc, you know where to send them. Note that I cannot comment on details under opsec nor on matters of other alliances.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Unitas Nusquam Est, XO
Electus Matari, Head Diplomat


Another large Minmatar corporation for us to evict from the war zone?

Not really, but I’ll let you do your own intel.

Feel free to add your names to the below list of Alliances that have been evicted by us by all means:
-Ushra Khan
-Iron Oxide
-Hashashin Cartel

And many more I already forgot.

You’re getting a bit cocky on here, Mantis. Cool it a bit, eh?

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Rule #8, Newelle.

I’d like to think of at least Mantis as not my enemy.

Especially when I know where you’ll be going when you do return.

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I mean, at the very least, he should have checked the posting date…

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To be fair we did get delayed by a bacon-related longer-term project, so the original as far as “coming weeks” goes still kind of valid.

I am not cocky. Confident is the word I would use.
I am also a gentleman, I went out of my way to greet the EM pilot on his secret opsec mission.
Let us hope their skill at fighting is better than their skill at keeping secrets.

There is not enough sarcasm in the cluster for me to answer this properly.

I am sorry, I did try.


You know what else is poor OPSEC? Telling your enemies that you know what their plans are.

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Maybe that was the whole point?

I see. And now that they know your plan, they will plan around your plan and you shall, in turn, plan around the plan that they are planning around your plan. Brilliant.

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I am truly flattered if you think AVNG ever had a plan aside from our usual “We will take this system in a few days, you should probably start contacting black frog”.

Madam you give us far too much credit.

Mister Mantis,

Arrogance does not become you, perhaps you should take your bravado and recheck your thinking. You may think you have ‘evict’ people but there will always be those fighting for the basic sense of human rights. Perhaps you should do your homework before speaking about certain people.

Literia Khammael

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Rule #8, Lit. :wink:

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