EM/BJK10 joint announcement

Some of you people might have noticed Electus Matari members ceding from the alliance to join another corporation, and there have been some questions.

Here is what I can say about this at this point:

  • yes, certain pilots of EM (and allies) are forming into BJK10, to be able to join a venture that the alliance as a whole cannot
  • this arrangement in temporary, and we fully intend to be back
  • the alliance proper will join Minmatar Militia for at least part of the duration of this campaign
  • EM is still under the control of the same individuals it was before this move, and basic loyalties of individual pilots are more or less unchanged
  • while on these endeavours, we cannot guarantee BJK10 will be able to respect EM blues (or engage all EM reds).

Direct any questions and concerns to me, either here or in private.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Director, BJK10


Are you aware that one of your members have been wearing a Sansha uniform and having their propaganda in his official bio? And if yes, does these views reflect the BJK10 views?

Hoping the best for you and your endeavors!

lol this is weird

It seems like the hip new trend to have a noteworthy pilot in an organization who is clearly parroting insane nonsense like Nation spiel or Blooder propaganda while, in the same breath, going, “Oh but they totally don’t speak for us,” or something. Everybody’s doing it! Get with the times, etc etc

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Best of luck with the endeavours, myself and many others will be happy to aid where we can in the war zone.

Oh, look. The bacteria are dividing.

Says the tumour.


Suddenly I regret being kind to you.

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The feeling is mutual.

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Well, in that case, do us both a favor and burn the birthday gift I gave you.

The fact that irony of the statement was lost on you probably means you should stay in your lane. Human kind puts far too much emphasis on things like colors and symbols and feign insult when blatantly confronted, but the one you sleep next to at night who’s heart and mind has already been captured, you choose to ignore when because it suits you. Those people know who they are.

What irony? It was not the uniform alone that made me think. But the propaganda that you have conveniently deleted again. You were the one who fled when confronted about the signs of your Sansha ties.

And I happily give the attention they deserve to the people I share bed with. Maybe if you did the same you would still have your little demon girl.



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Let’s wait and see what happens, shall we?

I am unable to locate any Sansha propaganda in any of our corporation’s members’ bios. Please be more specific about the problem.

In any case, no.

Fate walks on twisted paths.

Nice one.

Thanks for all the well-wishes and obviously I am at this point unable to comment on any theories of our destination or our motivations.


Well Mr Drakonis deleted it again.

Edit: But good to know that BJK10 doesn’t share those views.

Azazel seems to have taken to wearing Sansha outfits while talking about ‘true power’ in his bio. Plus, you know, his friendship with Havohej, a Nation supporter.


Without even addressing BJK10/EM issues: Legacy, not the Imperium, is the ones at war with Fraternity. The Imperium is finishing up the ‘FC, glassed a region and a half in a single month, wat do?’ phase of our northern operations in Tribute and Vale.

So, check your dementia, ‘old man’, your inside source can’t even keep groups of 20,000+ capsuleers straight. Which is kinda sad, since there’s only 3 of 'em.