[EM] Electus Matari statement regarding the Triglavians/Edencom

We are monitoring the situation and remain committed to the defense of tribal territory against all invaders and criminals.

Electus Matari continues to consider both the Amarr Empire and the Triglavian Collective hostile entities and their forces valid targets in all circumstances.

We will make best attempt to not interfere with Edencom and allied operations in our friendly space, but cannot 100% guarantee the safety of entities currently set red. We encourage you to contact our diplomats if you feel this warrants a standings change.

We consider assisting the invasion by the Triglavian Collective in Republic and Federal space a hostile act and will set standings accordingly.

These policies subject to change as the situation develops.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Head Diplomat
Electus Matari


Can I request a clarification on what, if any, diplomatic consequences will ensue from assisting EDENCOM forces in defending Amarr territory?


We are not exactly anti-Edencom, nor are we pro-Triglavian. At this point, what happens between them or their allies in Amarr space is of no consequence, unless the assisting in question involves actively engaging EM forces engaging the Amarr Navy.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that philosophical nonsense.

Haven’t said it yet, but good work to all the Capsuleer efforts to protect Minmatar space from Triglav. I fear EDENCOM will take the majority of the credit, though it’s my understanding that us eggers done the considerable share.


The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more or less.

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Most offer a drink before twisting their tongues like that.

It’s conceptually simpler than the enemy’s enemy being a friend, though.

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It’s not that hard to say…

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