[EM] Regarding Electus Matari's alleged involvement in the Kahah Rebellion

Electus Matari is at this time not involved in any official capacity in any operations in the Khanid Kingdom. We are looking to the Republic for guidance on this matter, and we of course follow the Republic in condemning in the strongest possible terms the violent suppression of legitimate grievances and feel saddened that the situation has come to this point.

Electus Matari does not, as a matter of policy, censure or sanction the actions of individual pilots, outside of our specific Rules of Engagement and certain other general prescripts. Therefore, we have no comment, or, indeed, comprehensive information, on actions of individual pilots, or forces under their control, in the Kahah system.

Our humanitarian operations, naturally, receive refugees from Khanid, without any change in policy. If there are questions regarding our policies and operations, and/or complaints about potential violations of our RoE we encourage you to always talk directly to our diplomatic staff.

On behalf of Electus Matari Command
Elsebeth Rhiannon
Apparently still a diplomat


I swear, the day someone corners an EM member and asks them for a straight out answer to something like “what color is the sky” or “do you even exist”, they’ll shriek, stutter and then disintegrate in a puff of vague, a slight howling sound gently forming what may be the word “maybe” on the wind.

Elsebeth, I love you and all, but one day you and EM will have to publicly do more than vaguely exist.


In easier words, to paraphrase, the diplomatic exchange goes something like this:

“Hey! I saw your guys in Kahah!”
“Are they supplying weapons or something to the rebels?!”
“I don’t know, and frankly don’t care all that much. Probably, though.”
“Aren’t you going to stop them?!”

Definitely not a diplomat now


I did once watch one side of a diplomatic row that took roughly forty minutes total. The side I watched managed to conduct the entire thing using only the following words:

“Yeh! Lol.”

The second best war of my career kicked off during this conversation. I should hire a diplomat like that.


Nice to see an alliance allowing their own to do what’s right, those on the other side of the fence could learn a thing or two from this…


Also, since I am feeling reckless, which direct question would you like an answer to?

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But you do it so well!


As rank and file for EM, Ms. Rhiannon is not technically a diplomat. Though, I’m sure the term Public Relations Secretary would be very apt in this instance.

Also, yes.


“What color is the sky” is such a vague enough question that you can hardly be expected to give a non vague answer. The sky is different in caldari space as it is in Gallente space , not to mention Minmatar space, then of course there is the time of day - night time looks different to daytime, are there clouds covering the sky?, is it winter or summer…

A better question would be - “what colour is the sky on Pator at midnight during the height of winter on a clear summers night?” - but then there are few such people out there that like to ask such detailed questions, and they also seem to expect such detailed answers to vague questions and then complain when they get vague answers.

go figure.


I’ve stopped trying to correct the Summits at large, but Jaq, kindly don’t call me “Ms Rhiannon”, it’s… all sorts of wrong, culturally. If you insist on being painfully formal, try ‘Captain Rhiannon’ or just ‘Rhiannon’ instead.

And I am still listed as emergency diplomatic contact in case of friendly fire or some other horrible mess, and occasionally I get to write these statements for them actual high-ups, and I have covered for Ferista when she’s away. It’s just certain… official relationships that do better without me.


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Was someone complaining about one (or more) of our people providing humanitarian and/or logistical aid in Kahah? I wonder who that might have been…


Not so much complaining, really, but asking. Whether we do it, if it’s official, and shouldn’t we stand back in order for it to not escalate.

(Don’t know, not at this point, personally nah I think it’s fine if it escalates, respectively.)


My apologies, Captain Rhiannon.

Yes, formalities will be kept, as old habits die hard. This also leads into the fact that corporate ambiguity is just as hard a habit to break when the Public Relations Office would possibly unintentionally sever ties with its parent country by speaking out of turn.


Yea Jaq, you got a little Fed leaking outta your ear there…


Lady Rhiannon is my close and good friend. It pleases me greatly to see how EM is keeping their heads cool during this very sad happening.

Go **** yourself.


I need to wash your naughty tongue with soap.

You’d probably get a kick out of that you old pervo.


So, uh, I have been asked to clarify that yes, everything in the OP still holds.


What is your opinion of the U’K decision to fry a CONCORD representative?