[Event] Party Against the Evil God

I’ve been saying I was going to have an event for my one-year anniversary as a member of Electus Matari and here is the announcement.

I will be holding this party to celebrate not just myself, but all those who resist the Empire.

Here are the specifics that are planned so far:

When: Saturday, August 7th YC123, starting at 18:00
What: Drinks, stories, speeches, games!
Where: Location will be disclosed to approved guests who RSVP closer to the event. (It will be hosted at a capsuleer owned structure within the Republic)
Who: Friends of Electus Matari, supporters of the Republic, those who stand against slavery and the Amarr Empire in general. No slavers, no Triglavian sympathizers,
How: Send me (Arsia Elkin) a mail expressing interest in attending.

Dress code is casual. The only rule of note is that you need indeed to be dressed.

So I invite people to come and enjoy themselves.
You may ask any questions either here or by mail.


“Technically this counts as clothes.”
If I’m still in space at the time, I might just be interested.


What a fascinating time it has been this year, watching how each of the Empires hold their celebrations:

Gallente Federation Day? Everyone is invited to all the things!

Minmatar Republic Liberation Day? Everyone is invited to all the things!

Amarrian Foundation Day? HALT! EXCLUSIONARY RULES APPLY. Can’t have those lesser creatures polluting company of the Holiest Children of God.

Well, well, well.

I was wrong after all.

Turns out you can remove the Arsia Elkin from the Amarrian Empire, but you can’t remove the Amarrian Empire from the Arsia Elkin.

See ya at Union Day.

I understand that you feel entitled to access my party, but the fact of the matter is that though the choices you’ve made, you’re my enemy.

But as a word of warning, I wouldn’t go around throwing stones as you just did. You actively fought to help abyssal invaders abduct and abuse people and mutilate their stars.

Though, I suppose if you break your little glass house with your thrown rocks, it wouldn’t be the first time your weapons have helped shatter one of your own structures.

No you won’t. I’ve no interest in attending Union Day parties.


I may have a small interest in coming. Unfortunately, where it is located may very well proclude me from showing, considering I am persona-non-grata in Republic high security space. That is assuming I am not barred from attending given my allegiance to the State.

I assure you tribal people have had their fair share of events and parties where restrictions of various kinds apply. There’s a place for everything and who’s in and who’s outsider for various matters depends on that matter.

This year’s Liberation Day was very open, with the Games open to all indie capsuleer, and our public events the same. That does not mean all Minmatar events are the same. Family, clan, tribe, tribal allies, all allies, all non-hostiles, everyone - these are all valid target audiences for Matari events.

There’s nothing particularly Amarrian in Arsia choosing not to invite her enemies to her anniversary party.


I’ll be there. Might be late a bit & will absolutely not be sober on arrival but I’d not miss it for anything.


Always good to know that despite me trying to fight against the empire, I’m not welcome because of steps I took to protect my clan and our home.


Ah don’t worry Katya, you won’t be missing much anyways.

We can have our own party.

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Sorry to break it to you but I have negative interest in attending your celebration to your own egoism. See, normal people who want to throw a party just invite who they want to attend. They don’t go to the extent of making a dis-invited list. Only you would think to do that. . . and, of course, the Amarrians.

Katya, she’s throwing a celebration for herself because she thinks the whole of New Eden should be there to congratulate her on her self-serving decision to leave the Amarr. Of course, she can’t just be a normal person and mark the occasion quietly or with loved ones (you know, the small number of people who might actually give a ■■■■). No, she needs to do publicly and as loudly as possible, after the Amarrians have their celebration-- presumably so that she has the last word.

Why in God’s name would you want to attend that?


I know this is a difficult concept, but repeating the same baseless assertion isn’t a particularly strong debate tactic. Let’s repeat the sentiment that was expressed pertaining to the potential target audiences of Minmatar events.

I’d argue that the overwhelming majority of events everywhere are restricted at least to ‘non-hostiles.’ In cities and stations all around each empire in New Eden there are countless parties and events for the trillions of people of the cluster. Most of them, I cannot attend. In many stations across the cluster you regularly see advertisements for vacation getaways to places like Matar’s Jade Coast and Amarr Prime’s Satach’s Spite. If I tried to go through customs on Amarr Prime I’d be immediately arrested and if I tried to go through customs on Matar I’d almost certainly be denied entry. Does my being barred from these places and parties mean they shouldn’t advertise for those who are not? You’re just irrationally upset because it’s me.

So maybe, instead of whining about the target audience of a party you allegedly don’t give a ■■■■ about, perhaps you should do something more productive with your time like planning your outfit for the Union Day parties?

Or don’t. Your choice.


Normal people do this kind of events where they define a target audience all the time. It’s normal and trad on the IGS. I’ve done it myself (“adult members of the tribes” etc), and funny enough people don’t tend to complain as long as they are included.


Well, heck, even I’m not contrarian enough to complain about being invited! :slight_smile:

Was kinda tempted, though.


I wonder, if in the Empire the apostasy is being considered as a more grave sin than even heresy?

Pretty much one-in-the-same to them. But it is a pretty extreme form of heresy. Either way, you’re off-topic.

I have a conflict - so just dropping in to wish you the best, Arsia. Chapeau!


I just want to thank everyone who came to the event today. I enjoyed it a lot and appreciated everyone attending.


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