License Day Party -:- Azazel Drakonis

Hello, Summit.

I am not typically one to plan parties, but a very special someone’s License Day (or Rebirth Day, as I prefer to call it) is coming up soon. So, I took it upon myself to organize a bit of celebration for those dearest friends of ours.

Skirting the razor’s edge of December 9th and 10th, YC121, at 23:59 NEST (Monday), we will be celebrating Commander Azazel Drakonis’s sixth (6th) year as a capsuleer pilot. The party will be held at The Prize bar on the edge of the warzone. Casual attire is preferred.

Automatic invitations should be fairly obvious: Those loyalists of the Republic and Federation are permitted. All else, do get with me prior.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


What a neat idea! I don’t know that I’d be able to be there even if I’d be allowed, but it kind of seems like this sort of thing should maybe be more common.


I have only seen people celebrate their ‘death day’ once or twice, but as Aria put it, these events should maybe be more common.

As for the party itself, I wouldn’t mind to join you for a few hours should I still be allowed to come


I agree but it only really works if someone is well liked and well respected. Should I hold such an event for my anniversary, for instance, I would imagine that I would be sat in an empty room, staring at the door with a plate of hors d’oeuvres in my hands over 2 hours after its start time.

I am sure Drakonis will not suffer this fate and, whilst I can’t attend, I send my best wishes.

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I’ll endeavor to be there!


Sadly, the timing is impossible for me. I would very much have liked to be there.

Even if some of the people intending to attend seem to have a pretty funny take on “Federation or Republic loyalist”.

You might underestimate how interesting people find you, Ms. des Larmes.

Capsuleering is a weird profession anyway. Most of us are at least arguably horrible people in one way or another (usually having to do with sheer volume of bloodshed if nothing else), but that often doesn’t slow us down a lot when it comes to getting along with each other socially. Outside certain specific, usually political, situations, real bitterness is even a little rare.

And that’s even outside cases where someone’s story looks intriguing.


■■■■’s sake, Ange. You’re quite well liked now. At least enough for capsuleers to come party, if ever we need a reason to do so.

As for Azazel’s shindig, I’m not sure of my upcoming commitments, but if I’m free I’ll certainly be there.



You really ought to spend more time outside of your private circle, Elsebeth.

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am i welcome

I would like to request my allowance to this party. Commander Drakonis has been a good conversation partner, and I would like to be there to welcome to the 6th year of being a Capsuleer.


All the best. Sorry to be missing it.

I hope to attend, ulkyyrama. My own (second) licence day was just a week ago but for me it was a time for quiet reflection. I will be happy to take part in a more celebratory event for Commander Drakonis. And maybe you and I can find some time between toasts to discuss the concept of capsuleer cloning as rebirth.

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If Drake Arson is allowed to attend, I will not be present.

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Maybe you should spend more time outside of your circles?

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Not with men who torture, abuse, and kill women, or who do their level best to stop a planet’s recovery in the best scenario, or who set up Fortizars to spy on and stalk women.

I’ve seen enough of Arson to last me three lifetimes. I’m good.

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Oh the irony.

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Unlikely to make it but i’ll try to, happy rebirth day Zaz!

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On behalf of Nomistrav, the event organizer, and Commander Drakonis, my boss and confidant, I respectfully request that the taking of pot-shots and jabs be taken to an appropriate venue. There are numerous channels and other venues. If the presence of an individual prohibits your attendence, you must do as your conscious dictates.

However, please let us not sour the planning of a special event, in honor of someone very special to some of us.

Thank you.


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