Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Uh huh.

Ms. Tsukiyo, I’m aware that you made at least a token effort to point him in a constructive direction. It doesn’t mean at all that you didn’t meddle, on a whim, in something you didn’t understand. Now he thinks you’ve freed him from his curse, which means he’s not watching himself for the influence of a pathologized ego.

Consequences are pending. It annoys me mildly that you probably won’t be in their path, but it’s not like I expected justice from this world to begin with.

The end result is that, yes, you get to be my model for somebody who swans around making trouble for people just to see what will happen.

Someone said Achuran threesome?

His own direction. Quite a difference.

Instead of an artificial mental construct put in place by someone else?

You tend to make points against the Triglavians and Sansha, but what is the essential difference between bioadapting, cyberimplanting or cursing someone?

You could say Again Ms. Tsukiyo, you show your lack of understanding. What i did was to (insert really good motives that totally justifies what was done)", but so can everyone.

Triglavians maybe willing to proof test their theories in an empiric way rather than the Sleeper racionalization and simulation preference. Sansha may be running an effective organization where those people may actually feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themselvesin a way certain things we take for granted are secondary to this.

You exercised power. Because you wanted. Because you could.

And it makes my heart warm and fuzzy and other places moist and slippery. You go girl.

But when you get “a little mad” or “mildly annoyed” because something happened to your pet project , one that happens to be a human beign with all the ugliness and beauty that this flesh receptacle manifests, it could be that the main issue was not unleashing a “potential threat”, but rather the annoyance of a condescending ego that no longer decided for someone.

And/Or something else of course. Your heart knows better, it is your journey, and you have not reached out to me to “meddle” in it. (But if you want to talk about it, let us have some tea over it)

If you are annoyed and mad, do something with it. Go put a leash on him, put him down guide him to (insert your happy/suffering place/state), join his efforts, whatever. Do things. He does.

I just kindly ask you not to make me part of some youth drama involving some sort of mystical love triangle with girls fighting over a boy (or at least, make it pass on the Bechdel test).

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Hooves appear often in mythic depictions of humanoid bhaalgorn, though typically they have shoes on their hooves. Oddly the most common metal for them appears to be brass or bronze. Possibly because it has a higher contrast than iron or steel with the typical red skin of the bhaalgorn.

The typical humanoid bhaalgorn being depicted as a red skinned winged demon person, with horns on their head and variously bestial facial features - sometimes an angry goat face, sometime a human one.
Occasionally they wear clothes, typically some kind of leather ensemble, which I assume is generally supposed to be the skin of sinners and/or disobedient children. Accentuated with bronze or brass again.

The genemodded people known as bhaalgorn (some ancient Takmahl scientists cruel joke as far as I can tell) that appear on some of the Sabik worlds (there is a population of them on Kaztropol), have normal feet and wear boots and shoes like any regular human.

Though there is a substantial market in strange videos, with bhaalgorn ladies stepping on things in high heels.

Please don’t.


Blue and Silver; the claim is nonsense, but you may as well be correct in detail.

The claim is wrong and the color don’t match but somehow you still know who I am talking about.

Made often enough the claim itself becomes familiar, though I appear to have been demoted; Pirate Queen when last you broke it out.

What you showed mostly is that you didn’t understand what was before you. And you didn’t bother to ask, or to explore. You just acted.

It seems you still don’t understand at all. Or else you just don’t care.

You didn’t lift a thing. You freed it, not him-- the curse, not the man.

How does a duel prove who is a liar and who isn’t? I mean I do know the saying “The victor writes history”, but I feel this is a little silly given the loser could technically just reclone.

Saronu is too dark haired and conservatively dressed to be a Pirate Queen.

Pirate Queens always have flaming red hair and emerald green eyes and dress provocatively in scarlet leather outfits.

It’s the rules.

I was about to ask what the hell what a humanoid bhaalgorn was… but of cause the good doctor came to the rescue

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Wait what… then was this rule a thing

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I believe it to be a thing that Gallente holo-media students call a “trope”.

Perhaps in ancient Gallentia there was such a female pirate, and that template has entered the collective idea of what a “pirate queen” looks like.

I believe there is also a rogue capsuleer of that appearance operating today, I think her name is… Anire Scarlett ? Every so often the Navies will issue contracts to stop her making a nuisance of herself somewhere, I think. But she keeps turning up, so she must be a non-DED approved capsuleer, I guess.

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That name does ring a bell, but I always thought most of the stories about her were just fabricated to idealise her. I mean they do work, as she seems to have a lot of followers from all walks of the pirate world. And I will say the snapshots that DED seems to use for the bounty board does make her look quite stunning.

Pirate is one of the few jobs suitable for a red head. They’re too untrustworthy for most anything else.

For the record, my eyes are blue.

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Such flattery… fortunate though, that you were here to so definitively resolve the matter.

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I’m good at solving problems.

Indeed, it’s rather silly that you get an idea that duel proves who is a liar and who is not, so I’ll leave you to answer this question, considering I can’t even imagine how did it crawl into your head.

And for us, Caldari, the idea of “Victors writing history” sounds absurd as well. Personal “truths”, religious “truths”, political “truths” are not truths at all, they are mere opinions, there is only one kind of truth - it is Objective truth. Victors, however good they are, can’t change the objective truth about what have already happened, what is in the past is already set in the stone, you can affect only the future.

If the duel is proves anything, it’s only the Honor. And there is only one way to lose it - to avoid the duel. Because even dying in the duel you prove your Honor.

Again, I don’t know what sort of stupid ideas you get to conduct duels to prove who is right or wrong, that’s just barbarism and belongs to places like Republic, not the State. If you are a Honorable person, you challenge people not to prove they’re wrong, but to prove they are dishonorable if they commit an unjustified attack on you. When a Honorable person is challenged to a duel, they either realize they said or done something wrong and they are either bringing apologies or fight it off if by some reason they find that apologizing is inapporpriate.

It’s a civilized way of actually improving relations between the opponents. For example, take a situation where one opponent misunderstood other one and insulted them. If they just start insulting back, it turns into a long long feud between them and the situation only deteriorates if they keep escalating. Simply because backing down is a dislpay of cowardice.
Instead of insulting someone back challenging them to a duel gives them a solid reason to understand that something they did was rather offensive and unacceptable, so, if they’re wise, they can see what they have done, analyze it, realize it, and apologize without escalating. Alternatively, they just fight it off - and again, if by result of the duel if both sides are satisfied, the conflict is over and they can keep the discussion in a civil manner without insulting each other again.