Inquiry: is there bad blood between Electus Matari and Ushra'khan?

Good evening, pilots!

There was an internal discussion recently that indicated some preferability for directing freed slaves for repatriation to one instead of the other, and I couldn’t help but realize there was a significant gap in my knowledge of factional politics.

Is there bad blood here? To an outsider, what are the material differences between these two major Matari loyalist organizations?

Thanks in advance!


Its really interesting how an executive representative of an Alliance that harbors an Amarr loyalist corporation asks about the relationship of two very respectable alliances which are opposed to said loyalist’s faction…One wonders about the nature of this inquiry…


Is asking questions not permitted, Mr. Sepphiros?

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Wannis, stop being a troll. This isn’t about politics, this is about saving lives. Go back to your coconut shell-based beverages on the beach and come back when you’re ready to work with us.


Ms. Phelps, no need to be so hostile.

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I didn’t even swear.


I shall answer in the same manner your Director did…

And if someone does ask, is labelled a troll in the eyes of some?

If anything, and this isnt hostile(why would it be?) it would be interesting to hear about the nature of this Inquiry. Not that one is forced to do it of course, but it was just a simple question.

Are you spying on my beverages!?

Ioannis. I have no stake in this discussion. But even I can see that Makoto is attempting to decide to which Minmatar Loyalist Organization to direct a group of recently freed slaves to.

If there was some super secret ulterior motive of an Amarrian theme…why would she simply not give them to SFRIM in quiet? You are actively disrupting someone attempting to do what I believe most here would call ‘the right thing’.


Electus Matari and Ushra’Khan have radically different viewpoints on most issues in Minmatar Republic-level politics, occasionally this flares up into large muscly shirtless Brutor men flexing at each other in social venues, or Sebiestor women having a staring & drinking contest with each other.

I don’t think they actively hate each other though. Just profoundly disagree on a lot of things.

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Evi you have a stake in this, by actively known to be associated with ARC but that digresses the matter.

I am not disrupting anything by asking. Let me break it down for you

According to Miss Priano

Thus from an internal discussion of a highly political Alliance emerges a dispute over choosing two Minmatar organizations. Miss Priano makes this a public matter without giving the details on the rationale/drive behind what created this inquiry in the first place. In short, what was this internal discussion that prompt her to ask such a question.

It seems to me that if someone makes any question about ARC is to be readily met with slander and hostility. My questions dont disrupt anything, especially the task in hand. I find it very good that ARC and any organisation out there would seek to help the freed slaves.

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But in the mean time you post cowardly leading questions implying things with no basis in fact.

“One wonders about the nature of this inquiry…”

Grow a spine and make your accusations or leave well enough alone.


No, we do not hate each other. We have in the past worked together towards common goals despite some political differences of opinion.


If you thought that this is a leading question then perhaps you see something the rest of us dont. For my question and remark was explained to you. And yet you try to instigate hostility and pass on accusations when none were to be had.

For a Sansha loyalist who claims that doesnt have a stake in this, you are far too eager to draw conclusions and resort to verbal accusations.

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We have disagreements, but in the end we are both here for the matari people. We may just go about things in different ways, i have the utmost respect for my brothers and sisters in UK…


The biggest difference I think is that U’K of the past was not below inciting and committing acts of terrorism and advocating and incentivizing assassinations of heads of state, and disunity among the Matari in general, where to my understanding EM was more committed to more civilized courses of action, at least publicly.


Do you have footage of this phenomenon available? It would be an interesting topic to research.

For furthering our relationship with said alliances, of course.

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Look, I’m the last person to say ‘don’t be a pedantic prick’, but dude, really… ur doin it rong. See, now that you’ve been challenged on this, you’re going with:

But that’s actually not what you asked about. You asked…

Now, sure, the questions are related, but they’re different. One is asking ‘what led to this question?’ and the other is ‘why do you wanna know?’ The former’s more inquisitive, the latter more suspicious and hostile. I suspect, if you hadn’t opted to start off with a phrasing that cast implied aspersions on Makoto’s motives, you wouldn’t have gotten hostility in response. Personally, I would have gone with ‘Oh? Preferable in what way? Was it political, or just ‘I have friends over here?’’

Because, you know, given the interactions here, many people do have friends in other, sometimes rival, organizations. So it’s a thing to naturally be curious about. But you don’t have to be a douche that makes everyone hate you every time you open your mouth.

That’s my job. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are several fundamental differences between Electus Matari and Ushra’Khan. Most of these differences originate in disagreements in method, and can be traced back over a decade.

Electus Matari at it’s core is an alliance dedicated to furthering the goals of the Republic as a political and social body. This means following the agenda as set out by the Tribal Council under the Sanmatar and before that the Parliament under Karin Midular.

Ushra’Khan is an alliance fully dedicated to the retrieval of those of Minmatar blood from enslavement under the Amarr by any means. This has meant for most of their existence they have been in direct opposition to the methods employed by the Republic. This has sometimes sparked into direct confrontation, such as Ushra’Khan’s symbolic “one isk bounty” on Karin Midular, “as that’s all she’s worth”.

The two alliances have worked together in the past, and they’ve been opposed. There have certainly been considerable differences in opinion throughout the years, but I think at the moment their relationship is about as friendly as it has ever been.


Yes. Significant amounts. No, you’re not going to hear a lot about it, because it’s not a matter for outsiders.

As for the differences, well U’K are the ones who have a focus on the Pendulum Pretense to the point where actual loyalism and principle goes out the window (very strange allies, winning systems is more important than how, and so on). The ‘loyalism’ is about as true and deepheld as CVA’s. Primarily lip-service, and just used as a flag to wrap themselves in so they have excuses for their actions. Individual exceptions do unfortunately not invalidate the rule.

-EM- on the other hand, well they have a rather opposite focus, historically. The focus is almost 100% within our own borders, peace is to be pursued at almost all costs, you do not work with X, Y and Z, etc. I’d go so far as to say they are insular as hell to the point where it’s harmful to themselves and they not only lose touch but also relevance. Secrecy, vagueness and a stubborn refusal to ever be clear with even allies is one of those defining features that’ll set your teeth grinding. Of course, this second iteration does have a few differences. They’ll periodically pop into the Pendulum Pretense to sharpen dull edges and others stick their noses into null at times, but their primary purpose is largely sitting within Republic borders trying to make it a better place.

These two are very often at cross purposes, but are… sort of on the same side. Ironically, Electus Matari’s staircase program has probably liberated more of our people than U’K’s pendulum nonsense ever has. If you’re trying to pick who to hand over liberated slaves to, make it EM. U’K’s focus is quite simply incompatible with it.


Miss Arrendis. It is natural in a public forum where people havent got used to how others phrase and talk missunderstandings to occur. Its not something that one shouldnt expect. But you forget that I actually in fact stated the reasoning and rationale behind my statement. In which case it didnt seem that anyone in fact read upon it.

When people impose their own rationale of how one is to express themselves that is the opposide of debate. My question was precise and accurate. And in fact it is a trend throughout for whenever someone merely asks a question or raises a thought, ARC sympathisers to emerge and rally behind the banners regardless of alliances and such.

An internal discussion of an organization which this time happens to be ARC had a dispute over where to deliver freed slaves. Upon which the Director of this Alliance, raises a public thread where people are PUBLICLY to discuss about the reputation of these organizations. All I did was simply state some facts and pose a question. Because its a public forum and I get to do that(unless I am missing a memo somewhere that this isnt a public forum) . In fact the derailing of the post so far has happened from all the others who never actually answered my question and just wanted to enforce their version of how I should talk or imposing what their version of understanding of my words are. Its a public forum Miss Arrendis…not a show over impressions and a like contest.

That doesnt make me any pedantic or makes their reaction anythis less of what it is. Miss Priano I am sure is more than capable to cater and answer as a director of her respective Alliance. All the rest is simply redudant talk.

I wont engage into anything else other than what is around the main points of this thread. I simply answer since you raising your points here.