[Aurora News] Remembering the Caldari Prime battle

Yesterday people gathered in Luminaire to remember the Caldari Prime battle which happened 5 years ago.
Stories were shared between veterans & new capsuleers; to have an idea how it was, the scale of this battle, but also how it affected them and many around them in the cluster.

Watching how the Shiigeru crash site passes by

After the sharing of stories, it was a time to pay respects to the fallen on both sides, who gave it their best to secure their home, either the Luminaire system or the planet Caldari Prime.
People gathered above the crash site and saluted the fallen for their sacrifice.

Then it was time to celebrate the outcome and the diplomats on both sides that continue to secure the peace on Caldari Prime, to the benefit of both the State and the Federation.
For a more detailed report, you can read it here: Remembering the Caldari Prime battle, which also includes a list on the sources of many stories shared between the attendees.

And to you, what would be your story about Caldari Prime? Or in what way has it affected you?

For me, the Caldari Prime battle, together with Morwen Lagann’s Heart and Home Relief effort lead to the foundation of the Aurora Arcology, changing my private initiative to help refugees into a full-fledged public initiative.
And to this day, the Aurora Arcology project continues to give a new home & hope for refugees across New Eden. It’s been running for 5 years now.


Happy now. :relaxed:


There was a gathering? Why nobody told me about that?

Anyway, I think it’s time to carry on and to work on the reunification of the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State.

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Probably best not to.


Iirc Quafe Corporation has megacorporation status within the State.

I think that’s as much unification as the Caldari wish for the foreseeable future.


Why not?

Reunification, then together with the Minmatar against the amarrian slave holders. After that we wipe out the Drifter and continue into Jove space. The result would be one great happy New Eden.


Ah, cooperation with the intent of genocide.

How heartening.


I don’t like the direction this is going.

A peaceful reunification is a good thing. Eliminating slavery is also a good thing. Working together against external threats is a good thing too.

Back to topic:

I have to admit that I not only missed the gathering two days ago, I also totally missed the battle itself. - It was a shameful waste of many good souls.

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Well, nothing brings people together like hatred of other people.


Ennemies, forgottEn,
Clashing foreVer,
MisEry of dead.

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We will never forgive Gallente this treachery!
They will pay for this with their blood!

For Shiigeru! For Tibus Heth! For Caldari Prime!
Death to Gallente occupants!


Still swearing by the name of one of the worst traitors to the Caldari people, who ordered Caldari Prime to be destroyed, despite numerous times being shown proof of above accusations, I see. Never change kimmie.


… uh, Ms. Deva? I’m a little late to this particular discussion, but you’re oversimplifying things kind of a lot.

Start with this: what governmental system do you imagine this great happy New Eden living under?

If you say “democracy,” your shining future’s already dead: only the Federation even really thinks that’s a good or workable idea. This isn’t stuff that you’ll be able to work out afterward, either; the Caldari State is friendly with the Empire largely because the Federation thinks it has easy answers to this kind of question, so you’ll need to find a solution before the State would even consider reunification.

And that would be assuming reunification would be something the Caldari as a people would find tolerable to begin with. There’s a lot of bad blood between State and Federation.

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Yes I’m simplifying things a bit, but I disagree with finding a suitable governmental system first. First we have to overcome the “bad blood” between each other, something we can do right now, together.

I personally have no hatred against the Caldari. Those I’ve met were quite nice and friendly.
Their dedication and hard labour for the State is admirable, but it’s a shame that so many of that is spend to fight their friend, the Federation, instead of improving the living conditions of the civilians for example.

I don’t care who threw the first stone, who caused more pain and suffering. Retaliation and competition about the greatest damage dealt is the wrong way. As long as people don’t get that into their minds, we don’t need to think about future governmental systems.

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A lot of stuff would have to be dealt with; that one was just easy to point out.

You’re not wrong about history being a problem. A critical issue you’re maybe overlooking, though, Ms. Deva, is that what you’re expressing is a really Federal way of looking at history. The Caldari don’t see things that happened to prior generations as having happened to someone else. To them, “we” means the Caldari people, not just the ones alive right now. The past is a living presence in Caldari society.

It’s not enough for you to be ready to forget and forgive. The other side has to feel the same. And, broadly, they don’t-- to the point of it being actually kind of offensive to many Caldari for an outsider to suggest that they should. That’s exactly where much of the bad blood comes from, after all.

To you, the events of the “Great War” are maybe ancient history. To the Caldari, they just happened yesterday.


Killing all the humans would be the only way to make a peaceful New Eden.


I have great respect for people who honor the ones who were before them. The ones who brought us here where we are now. They can be sometimes great teachers in helping us to find our way and place in this time.

But now it’s the time of the living to continue the circle of birth, life and death. To write our own history while we can.
If the Caldari can’t jump over the shadow of their past, being stuck there for eternity, then they are a lost civilization without future.

I highly doubt that a New Eden without humans, only with us capsuleers left, would be a more peaceful place to life. - (I have my difficulties to count us as humans.)

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Certain humans…

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I don’t.


I might point that at present there exist for example, Jin-Mei and Minmatar majority polities, as well as governments in Solitude that remain Federal member-state and yet do not adhere to the traditional strictures of a liberal-democratic republic under the Luminaire Model of governance.

If you want to know what the Federation even really thinks then it is written in the policies of Federal charter and constitution, where the idea of democracy working for all societies at all times is considered an anachronism. About as much an anachronism as, in adopting the phrase, “Never Again,” as political policy reduces an entire society to just two adverbs unable to deal with the present because they are too busy living in the past.

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