Battle of Caldari Prime 10-Year Anniversary Gathering, 25-MAR, 1700 EVE Time, Luminaire VII Citadel

Hello, capsuleers.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Battle of Caldari Prime, which saw the biggest engagement between the Gallente and Caldari Empires since the Empire Wars on March 22, 2013. The battle resulted in the destruction of the Shiigeru Leviathan over Luminaire VII and several thousands of lives, military and civilian, on all sides.

The Scope - Shiigeru Destroyed, Federation Navy Offensive In Luminaire Still Ongoing
DeLoneWolf - EVE Online - Battle for Caldari Prime
DUST 514 / EVE Online: Battle for Caldari Prime Trailer

I invite you all to observe the ten-year anniversary of this battle with me and the Live Events community.

Battle of Caldari Prime Ten-Year Anniversary Gathering

  • March 25, 2023
  • 1700 EVE Time
  • Luminaire VII Battle of Caldari Prime Memorial Citadel

Since the battle, the Live Events community has come together to observe the five-year anniversary, and constructed a memorial citadel over the battle site, which provides observation of the scars of the crash site which can be seen from orbit. The Live Events community’s own Morwen Lagann organized her own Hearth and Home relief effort for the beleaguered civilians trapped upon the planet, which saw the delivery of over 5.2 million m3 worth of supplies and relief goods.

The battle continues to have far-reached effects even today, and likewise contributed significantly to the development of Live Events and DUST 514 for a time.

For these reasons, I invite you all to observe the anniversary of this battle with me.

We will gather at the Citadel, and likewise execute a flyover of the battle site in fleet to mark the occasion.


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