A Capsuleer's Heroes

Hello! I would like to ask all of you a question or two.

The Question being who is your hero, inspiration, etc? and why exactly are they that.

As for myself, Otro Gariushi would be mine. His selfless actions and attempts to keep peace are very admirable. He did not allow himself to fall into the selfish decadence of hedonism nor did he have such a tarnished fall such as Heth.


Electus Matari, they were my inspiration to become a capsuleer when i found out I was able to be a capsuleer and were someone to truely look up to.


Faith in a time of personal crisis.
You will know your hero.


Tibus Heth.

  1. He has liberated Caldari Prime after 200 years of Gallente Oppression, in what possibly could be the best ever military operation and the fastest war known in our cluster.

  2. Tibus Heth was a true Hero. When all other megacorp CEO were sitting in their offices, he has joined the combat with common soldiers like a common soldier, while being not just a megacorp CEO, but Executor of the whole State.

  3. Even before that, during the siege or Armor Forge, he risked his life to save just a common worker, while everyone else were afraid to peek their noses out from the barricade.

  4. Tibus Heth was known as one of the most ascetic Caldari, who was living like a common worker, even if he had power greater than other megacorporate CEO, despising luxury and hedonism.

  5. Tibus Heth wasn’t even clinging to power like the rest of CEOs, because when they decided to run a coup against him, he didn’t pay attention to that, and was preparing instead the operation to liberate Caldari Prime after gallentean treachery during “operation Highlander”.

  6. Tibus Heth even died as a hero, fighting against Sansha Nation invading forces in Aivonen. Death in combat against enemies of the State is the best death an Officer could hope for!

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I admire the Emperor Heideran VI, like I suspect a fair proportion of younger Amarr do, for his work as a peacemaker and compromiser.

More recently though I have found a different kind of hero, someone who doesn’t simply preach how one should save lives but lives to do so.


Cannibal Kane.

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Aidonis Elabon - For bringing peace to the cluster and inspiring others to do the same, even now he’s dead.


Prophet Kuria - She was a Reclaimed soul whose devotion was so true that she was canonized as a saint.

Prophet Tyrion Plethar - The first Minmatar priest, and the first Minmatar saint, Tyrion showed that the Minmatar can achieve the same heights of faith as anyone else in the Rite.

Heir Yonis Ardishapur - He was a bastion of faith in a time where real faith is becoming harder and harder to find. He served and provided for his people, materially and spiritually and regardless of their class and race.

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Matias Sobaseki, the CEO of Kaalakiota who laid down the foundations for the modern Caldari State by offering the vision and will to defend the rights of the Caldari peoples to our own self-determination in the face of Federal violence and coercion.

Although I admit, he is a hero for many Caldari, at least among true patriots in Kaalakiota. There is a reason why the major planet in New Caldari is named Matias and a system named Sobaseki to honour the legacy he left behind as an honoured ancestor.


Karishal Muritor, Captain of Alfhild. Not just for successfully stealing a Hel, two Nidhoggurs, and their support fleet, and then beginning a successful campaign in the Bleak Lands against Amarr interests there, but also because when the Republic Fleet was ordered to capture or kill him in violation of the truce of a negotiation, he ordered his own allies to stand down and not retaliate. He took care of his people, as best he could, even at the worst of times.


There are doubtless many who deserve to be called a hero and most of them didn’t won battles. Heroes who passed away in all silence, without any acknowledgement for the good things they did in their often way too short lives. You probably expect me to name a name of great relevance in New Edens history, but I have to disappoint you. For me my number one hero to look up, is and will ever be my mom!

I’m not only talking about her “usual motherly duties”, I’m talking about her love and care she gave to me despite my outer appearance. The same hair and eye color like my father. The very same man who raped her, sold her and killed the rest of her, my family.

I must have remembered her every day on her darkest moment in life, and not few would have abandoned me in her situation. I’ve seen others doing it and I can’t blame them.

But she still loved me, gave everything to protect me, to see me grow up, hoping for a better life than she ever had. She taught me that love is greater than hate. Not easier but more rewarding. That’s why my mom is and always will be my greatest hero!

I would give everything being able to hug her for a last time, thank her for everything she did for me.

Now I’m depressed, where’s my bottle?..


My hero isn’t famous by fame’s standards. He used to run an establishment in New Eden and would always give the best advice and make sense of any situation. I miss him.


“There were once men who stood strong against the Amarrians no matter what they threw at them. They never knelt before them, they never called them masters. These men were called the Defiants. We will carry their name into the heart of Amarr and make them tremble at the sound of it. We will stand victorious or we will die with our hands around the slavers throats.”

  • Karishal Muritor

My mother and father, for supporting me with everything I have ever decided to do, even when I did something borderline suicidal like enrolling in the capsuleer program. They are very personal heroes, of course.


Mathias Sobaseki - the respected father of the State.

Yakiya Tovil-Toba - our beloved uncle, who put his body between us and harm.

Tibus Heth - our exiled brother, who made a stand when one needed to be made, but fell into darkness thereafter.

Visera Yanala - our grieved-for sister, who brought an end to the terror and who knew precisely where her duty lay.


King Garkeh Khanid II, First of His Name.

“I will not be ordered by some whimpering fool to destroy myself when my work is unfinished. You will not take anything from me, not my kingdom, not my people and least of all my life.”


There is an elderly gentleman, Matakado, who runs a noodle bar on the EFA station in Amarr with the name Much Delights Dwell. I assume Matakado didn’t speak very good Amarrian when he set up shop. How much he’s picked up over the years I’m not sure; despite five decades of being a loyal patron I don’t think we’ve ever had a conversation that exceeded twenty to thirty words. I count him as a very close friend and mentor. He is an unchanging anchor in a world that is always in flux.

And the noodles are [CENSORED] fantastic.


Balac, the first immortal mercenary officer is one of my heroes because his actions and origin inspired me to be who I am today. My other hero is Gobbins because he gave me a home and family in Pandemic Horde which is why I am extremely loyal to Horde.


I have no heroes. Or at least people I admire enough to want to emulate as closely as I can.

I just take bits and pieces of ideals, philosophies and etc that make sense to me and add them into my list of ‘how to operate as a human being without being a complete arsehole in the process’.

If they work, they work and I keep using them. Else, I strike them off the list and replace as needed.


The Judge, obviously.