Who is your Eve Hero or Alter-ego?


This is one that i’m really interested in. For the length of time that you each individually have been playing Eve Online you have most likely developed friendships / camraderie with fellow Eve players.

Is there someone who really impresses you and you wish you could play for just 1 day perhaps? Maybe it’s someone with incredible pvp talents, or a great leader in Eve who inspires you, or somebody who has helped you in the past?

This could be a hero.

Alternatively, is there someone you wish you could be like, whether considered good or bad? Is there a great corp thief who inspires you by his or her evil ways?

Whomever you choose, please post your hero or alter-ego here and put a reason why you’ve chosen that player.

Please keep the discussion civil and light-hearted/fun.



In all the years that I’ve been a member of this community, I don’t remember ever seeing a thread topic like this.

+1 for posting something new, bold, innovative, etc.

As for the actual question itself, I’ll have to post my answer later, gotta do some serious thinking about it.


For me… would have to be Two Step. Best wh rep wormholes have had, and a generally great guy to boot. Also a good diplomat and all around good fights any time I’ve seen him in game.


Great question and I’m not sure I can limit myself to just one person.

If I was pushed to choose just one person:

Sadly she isn’t around much anymore, but I have huge respect for her intelligence and quiet dignity.

If I could pick more than one alter-ego or hero, there are so many:

Who doesn’t want to be the villain and for the infamy and ability just to influence local, it would be fun to fly around as James for a day

Always wanted to be space super rich and I think I’d have fun flying all those rares

So much wealth to be transferred and an Empire to dissolve. A unique opportunity to pull off a news making heist. Seriously though, for all the hate he attracts outside Goons, the longevity of their success is built on the back of a number of people (including before Mittens) and a lot of that comes down to him. Would be fun to feel the love by just popping up in Jita local

More of a curiosity than a hero or alter ego. I’d just like to know what goes on in his head sometimes

In the end, the game took a lot out of him personally, but anyone that can take over from Matias and lead a group like Brave Newbies to the momentum they had in 2013-2014 has my respect. To fly as him during their time in Vestouve would be fun.


CCP_Hellmar hands down, nobody else could ever troll the EVE playerbase as much as he does. :wink:


Good question. There are a couple of persons I met who inspired me in EvE …

@Mangala_Solaris With his NPSI and free for alls, he got me on the PvP path, from being mostly a carebear in the 6 months before.

@JonnyPew For his videos, and the “relic ceptor”

Jayne Fillion, Dizzop Bengal, DANGERUS4U DEAD, @Citricioni, @Tempelman_N, @Nova_Valentis, Khenti Kemai (RIP), @Captain_Cean, … all exceptional community leaders and FCs.


Good question, as most people here there is more than one person.

My old CEO/FC in a corp from long ago @XavierVE. Sadly he doesn’t play any more (a least not under that character), sure he could be difficult and he didnt suffer fools lightly, but I had a lot of respect for him and he was an excellent tactician.

@Chessur - I really enjoyed his PVP videos and whilst I am utter crap at PVP myself, his knowledge is superb.

@Chribba - Just to find out more about the player and what makes him tick when he played (not sure if he still does)

And Id like to be anyone who can program apps and/or spreadsheets to their advantage or anyone who has made their fortune in side the game using their knowledge and skills from outside the game.


I’m going to second this. @XavierVE taught me to standup for myself, in game; and @Cannibal Kane who long, long ago told me to "play the game (EVE) my way". It was the best advice I ever got about EVE.

Also, regarding Kane…while it is true Kane was the terror of highsec for a long, long time, he also stood up for and helped a lot of new players during his time. His character was ultimately sold, if I remember correctly; but the player is still active. So, Kane, if you reading this…thanks.




How the hell he did what he did and still kept his job is beyond impressive.

On the other hand, he was solely responsible for the abomination that is the CSM. So there’s that.


Kannibal Kane, that golden hair, and the Croakroach, when you say their name speak of them with honor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice surname, zazzmatazz. Obviously you are a person of taste.

My hero(s) are the players whose names would not be widely known who I played with for the first part of my time in EvE. Sadly it’s only me left in EvE now, but they are my heroes for making so much fun for me.

…and Chribba, because that guy helped the game a lot


Cannibal Kane, Kannibal Kane…

Not that person anymore because EVE is not the same anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:



Made hi-sec a little more exciting


The Mittani and the old Goons leadership - Likeable, dislikeable or both, I have to admit that they pretty brilliantly took the nullsec sov conquest part of Eve pretty brilliantly. Somehow outwitted, outmaneuvered, outplayed, or outlucked smart and powerful enemies and ended up with a big blue donut Pax Goonica empire. And then, true to the histories of most empires, got rich and lazy and full of hubris, and the upstart barbarians/thugs/griefers/nouveau riche/bourgeoisie sacked and plundered them. Classic.

The ancient Eve Online game designers - Because sometime before 2003 (when DSL was just becoming a standard vs. dial-up), they mentally conceived and designed an “internet massively multiplayer game” where bands of players might someday be able to form into sort of “kingdoms,” and others might be able to form up and scrap in intricate ongoing diplo/political situations. Brilliant, I’d say, and the basic structure of that stands today.

Too many stupid crazy forums bullshiters/words-twisters/jokester-fraudsters to name by name.


OK, did some thinking and their were a couple of players who influenced me in my early years of playing Eve.

The first one was DNightmare. His exploration video is what actually enticed me to try out the game in June, 2008 (Empyrean Age).

After playing for about a year the next influential player for me was Akita T. She had done a lot of info guides for players here in the forums. In fact her work in standings repair is what actually inspired me to create the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’.

Last but not least, all the players who created 3rd party apps as well as players who provided in-game services for the community to use, such as Chribba, Estel Arador, etc.


I love your threads! I’ll tweet a link soon!

@Manic_Velocity omg so I would love to roam and find sites to run with Manic, something like an Angels 5/10 in highsec. No streams or cameras, just us with like Speed or Jon Wicked or whatever Keanu Reeves movie! Ideally we would get the biggest drop ever so he would play with me again, I’d be like his good luck charm? I would be like Trinity and he’s Neo and there would be a ton of Cynabals for sale

@Suitonia I love Kestrels but maybe not as much as Suitonia however our roam would find an afk Thanatos and for some reason possibly a lucky bug in fitting I happened to have 40,000 rage rockets for that exact damage the Thanatos has. My clueless and wreckless rookie wonder and his noble expertise lands us lands us an amazing capital kill mail using two Kestrels btw my forehead would be my profile picture



Our Space Pope Max Singularity. It’s always awesome to fly with him and just hang out in general. Definitely wish I could keep up with him and his partying :wink:


All the old crew from Frugals World Inc.

Chribba and Entity are two of my favorite characters in game.

The mittani built an empire and so earned a lot of respect even though Id love to see Goons burn just for the hell of it.

Mangala is the only person Ive ever voted for in the CSM and the roams were awesome.

A lot of other friends from Silli Pub chat that have since moved on too.


For me it would be the guys from my first null alliance FUBAR. There was 1 player in particular, unfortunately I can’t remember his name. DIRTNAPZ was my ideal leader.

Larry Spinach and Lynnu also are favourites.


Farjung’s videos is what made me want to try PVP initially, I was really lucky to be picked up by some nice guys in Interimo, Gavjack Bunk (then Gaven Blands) and Lubomir Penev taught me the ropes when it came to hunting targets and spatial awareness. I then honed my craft solo vs CVA in Providence, and met and joined up with Genos Occidere, miss all you guys, Garmon was a huge influence on me as was all the genos people from 2008 to 2012+ and being a part of HYDRA RELOADED during AT8, AT9, AT11, NEO2 and AT12 especially are fond memories for me.

In recent times, I’ve learned a lot from the core of small gang roaming players I flew with. Chessur @Tikktokk_Tokkzikk @Maglor_Shaye @BrainStraw @Vordak_Kallager @Wild_Things @Gorski_Car stand out as people I really enjoyed flying with, also love all the people I worked with during tournament broadcasts, It’s awesome just how much passion there is in the community, people like @Rahne_Chocolate Jin_taan Nashh_Kadavr Bei_ArtJay Brett_Thomas_thomas Ithica_Hawk rhiload_Feron-drake Elise_Randolph Lazarus_Telraven and blackbart pirate.

Streamfleet are awesome too @Raiden_Harmann @Ms_Moses etc as is the tweetfleet community like @Lulu_Lunette … and I’ve just realised that I’ll probably end up tagging like 50+ people in this post. There are just too many awesome people to choose from :blush: