What Brought you to EvE - 2021 Edition

Hello Space Gods and/or Goddesses,

I posed this question a while back, but it’s been nearly four years and plenty of new players have joined or returned, and plenty have cloaked up for an extended period.

What brought you to New Eden?

Was it a friend, a guild/clan-mate in another game, an ad or video, or forced mining to pay off a debt?

Here’s my story from the original thread:

I was just out of the military, and playing WoW in all its shining newness, when one of my guildees and I started talking about Shadowbane (which we both loved, but had died and was why we were playing WoW). He mentioned EvE being similar in mindset to Shadowbane - but IN SPACE!, and here I am.

Gadget would come along a few years later in preparation for the industry overhaul. I didn’t have any Industry experience, and I decided to give it a shot. I gave Gadget the geas of not being able to use anything she didn’t make, get with LP, or loot herself (with exceptions like BPO’s). She sticks to this limitation for the most part even today.

So what’s your story?
Let us know below - and welcome to EvE.

–original thread

–Chronicler Gadget pens chapter 2


The challenge.

The lure of alledged freedom.

A friend now long long left the game.

The death of BoB.

A dream of doing an Alliance Takedown.

Idle hands.

And a brick of smoke.


Idk I was just looking for something similar to Freelancer lol


I came to EVE from a hardcore combat flight sim obsession. The kind where you spend a half hour plugging in and adjusting your HOTAS, pedals, head tracker, etc before even logging in.

I also liked space sims like Freelancer and heard about this game on one of their forums. So thought I’d check it out.

“A complicated space game but still able to play with one hand and eat a slice of pizza from the other?”, I said upon logging in for the first time. “Count me in!”

That was fifteen years ago. And I’m still here today with no plans to leave anytime soon.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Well ■■■■ me if I knew how to do that I wouldn’t even have needed to take a break. So how many of your hands are you using to play EVE these days?

I got into EVE when I was an angsty teenager who started getting a little bit too Keyser Soze with the public education system, so my psych wanted to try a new “experimental” therapy treatment option to try to redirect the energy and make the public budget impact someone else’s problem.

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Back in Stone Age, I was disappointed about most offers had such nice cinematics intros… deceiving, I say… horrid graphics once you’ve got in, awful UI, etc.
EVE was at the moment, the game which cinematics on the advertisement was closest in appearance and feel to the playing experience. The UI was amazing in comparison, the FX… I couldn’t pick my jaw off for a while.
The sound was and still is something that deserves great improvement. I mean… if you get into it, blindfolded and hear a laser… meh! it could be like a coil hum charging, and then a release of electric energy and then fzewshh! or throwwwwnnn KAFFF! ZIPFRRROwPráaaaaa… something like that.
And explosions… OMG NOOOooo… well I think in space you can’t hear but then… think of it as a 4th of July between skyscrapers, with echo and sh1t!. Ever been between buildings or structures during a 4TH?? Sound should be overwhelming but good and with some creativity… well u catch my drift.
I like the white noise from roid fields tho. I hate the warp sound and visuals… but it’s like your nose, I guess in time you just ignore those.

I also love spaceship dots. I did check on other offers with similar topic and quite appealing intros… but I guess it’s been a better than average marriage, EVE and me…

I also think nowdays, it would mostly be the topic and perhaps the story because there are such detailed and astonishing gameplay experiences out there… but when it comes to space dots… EVE is king IMO.


Explosions and the fact that i love salt


Articles in the various gaming press that almost mentioned, as an after thought, that it was a one server game and what you did in the game could and might effect all the other players (and vice versa)

The Guiding hand assassination and the ramifications captured my imagination. This was a game of people, the pixels were just the tools we used.



I tried eve years ago didn’t like it enough to stay. After awhile started playing Albion and found I really enjoyed an economy that was mostly player driven, ex. people building stuff for other people, instead of just buying it from some npc. Then I took a fresh look at eve due to a few of the similarities, reading gaming news articles on the large battles and now it’s the main mmo I play due to the complexity and varieties of gameplay.

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I had played EVE Online with my roommate back in 2006, I think it was. We were on a trial then, and being the horrible financial manager I was, I couldn’t afford the game at a certain point. EVE stayed with me, though, often inspiring my own creative writing. Fast forward about 15 years, and I got tired of WoW, so I decided on a whim to see if EVE was still around.

Two days after I signed up, my corp got a hold of me and I haven’t looked back. There’s things I like and things I don’t, but overall it’s made me a better person to have something of a social life within my corp, and to step outside my comfort zones with my corp to do what I’ve done in the game.

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I read about a beta for a PvP space ship mmo in some gaming magazine, since I was playing another PvP mmo at the time it caught my interest so I tried the beta.

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came for the pew
stayed for the waifus


Skill Resurgence Offer

What brought me to EVE, hmm… Certainly not the forum.

What brought me to eve?

The golden ships…I saw the Amarrian ship designs and instantly fell in love. The golden skins and beam weapons. The Imperial society of class based politics. It was everything I adored. Then I discovered gamers that supported the Empire that fought for Null space in Providence.

My fate was sealed from there. Then we were invaded by PL and space pirates. I couldnt let this amazing region and gaming community die. I honestly didnt play eve very much…however, after I saw the threat to this gaming community I swore that I would never quit eve until they were safe in their home. Years later I am still fighting…Does it suck? Yes…Is it miserable? Yes…Is their shame in failure? Every day…Would I trade it to be with any other group in eve? Not for all the money in the world. I will fight for CVA and my Empire until the servers crash and the game is wiped from memory.


Knew about the game but didn’t really have much interest in it, what I’d seen of it was mostly people solo flying frigs and I’m more a team play, big ships, kind of person. Then sometime in 2009 I saw the corp my brother was in using dreads to escalate wormhole sites which were a new thing at the time and I signed up solely with the purpose of flying a Moros in C5/6 space - little knowing how big a task I’d set myself.

Sadly now it is all behind me.

Why? They abandoned what they said was important to them. They betrayed the Empire they claimed was so important to them. If they had meant all the crap they said they’d be doing the same thing you’re doing. It was all just hot air.

as a amarr purist i always had a crush on CVA
but them i joined the amarr militia
and them i saw they are NOT the true RP amarr loyalists from the legends (like i am )
they kinda suck
the dream is dead

btw i say to the kids , lets fight for amarr , lets be one invincible force
and they say blue is just a color , lets farm
it breaks my heart :frowning:

They didnt betray the Empire…They lost Providence to RC. Unless you consider losing as the same as a betrayal. We cant just magically poof and bring 300 people to the fleet or call upon batphones. We were worn down. Ive already offered my pilots head in final death to the empress for our failure to hold providence. Our mission is to rebuild and retake it.

If you don’t know who Kyle is, he’s the one person who remained true to the ideals of CVA even when his alliance leadership was busy making questionable decisions which cost them the region.

I wouldn’t criticize him for remaining loyal to what CVA is supposed to be. I would criticize the others in CVA for not doing so.