What Brought you to EvE - 2021 Edition

Yep…which is why I said " If they had meant all the crap they said they’d be doing the same thing you’re doing." and kinda where I was going with the whole comment.
The point of what I wrote was pretty much what you said. I must not have communicated that very well.

No, I do not.
They quit, though. that’s completely different from being losing. They ran, that’s different from being pushed out. They did betray what they had talked big about being important to them for a very long time by doing so. Syndicate isn’t even symbolically part of the Amarr empire…

“rebuild”, eh? Ok…well…how long has it been?..cva’s been making videos/noise about their new beginning and new focus yada yada…must be a really long-game sorta 4D chess distraction before they strike back…
“retake” What, lemmee guess…soon™

Welp…it’s all history now…just a bit sad to see cva fielding Loki fleets and otherwise embracing the rust…in a way, ushra’khan did win…

How are they doing nowadays?

What does it matter? Point made based on past interactions between cva and u’k isn’t affected by u’k present regardless.

Thanks for posting your individual starting stories, y’all.

It’s always nice to see what brought players to the game.

And while I could reminisce about my old stomping grounds in a CVA affiliated corp all day, can we keep the politics to another thread?

This thread should be for what brought ya here - not what keeps ya sticking around :slight_smile:

–Gadget thanks y’all


I never realised Starlancer had a sequel. What’s freelancer like? Does it have replay value?

Space travel, attack ships, open-world play and multi-player environment.

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Boredom, and a hangover after News Year Day.

Well, usually just to see what the hype is all about, usually some EVE related story that’s made it to the mainstream news (gaming news or otherwise).

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Came for the spaceships, stayed for the exotic dancers.

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I’m an old-school gamer who grew up on 80’s video games. In 2007, I was feeling nostalgic for Elite, but playing it on a C64 emulator only brought so much joy. I Googled for ‘Modern games like Elite’ and Eve was the first entry. Back then I believe you could play for a few weeks for free.

I logged in, set up my character, and then started figuring things out from there. Turns out I was originally looking for more of a twitch-style space shooter, but the depth and complexity (and oh god all the Eve uni wiki pages)… I was hooked. Plus, the offline passive skill training and obsessive skill planning was the icing on the cake for me.

Tapped out around 2008, tapped back in for about a year in 2010, then back for a good chunk in 2014-ish, out in 2018, back in a couple of months ago.

I have way more skillpoints than actual skill.

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Was playing Earth and Beyond and it was getting old, saw an Eve Online game box at the local Walmart, looked interesting.

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Single server where everyone competes in PvP for resources and nearly everything is made by players.

I wasn’t even looking specifically for a spaceship game, but the core of EVE gameplay seemed to be exactly what I always wanted the RuneScape wilderness to be like when I played that game long ago, where I loved running around mining valuable ores and grouping up with random people to shoot others in a full loot PvP setting, with the risk of being betrayed.

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