What brought you to EvE?

Howdy all,

This question has come up in a round-about way in a couple of threads, and it’s made me curious.

What brought you to EvE?

Was it a friend, an ad, random search, or did your family make you mine before you finished training Walking to level 1 ?

I was just out of the military, and playing WoW in all its shining newness, when one of my guildees and I started talking about Shadowbane (which we loved, but had died and why were playing WoW). He mentioned EvE being similar in mindset - but IN SPACE!, and here I am.

Gadget would come along a few years later in preparation for the industry overhaul. I didn’t have any Industry experience, and I decided to give it a shot. I gave Gadget the geas of not being able to use anything she didn’t make, get with LP, or loot herself (with exceptions like BPO’s). She sticks to this limitation for the most part even today.

Anyway, that Gadget’s (and my) beginning.
Go ahead and leave your story below.

–Chronicler Gadget


I saw an article in a gaming magazine discussing VR back in 2014. The article was focused on Elite: Dangerous as an example of an immersive VR experience. EVE Online was mentioned in the article, though I forget the context. Since I didn’t feel like shelling out the cash for VR at the time, I decided to look up this EVE Online game. Browsed through some lore, watched some gameplay vids, got a bit interested. The passive training in particular was a draw for me as I was getting ready to enter grad school. Then “This is EVE” came out and I was like “alright then, I’ll download the trial and see where this takes me”. It’s my first, and so far my only, MMO.

A fateful confluence of timely coincidences drew me in.


It purely out of curiosity. I have previously played Guild Wars Nightfall but it started to feel “meh” to me over time. I was originally contemplating World of Warcraft but decided to try out Eve Online first since I heard about it simply because science fiction fascinates me more than fantasy.

Never turned back since then and here I am 10 years later.


What brought me to Eve?

My 1st MMO was Matrix online. Network Imperium ftw!
I saw the movie at the theater and a promo at the end for a game with open world pvp. I was hooked instantly.
Subscription only,Weekly live events. Regular story line updates. No store money grabs. No botters,No multi-boxers. The missions were a bit repetitive but it was the player interaction,socially and competitively that kept me playing. In reflection Mxo may have been the only true sandbox MMO I ever played. Damn how could I forget? Rarebit best Dev ever. I’ll miss him for ages.

Some players I got to know in Mxo talked me into playing Eve online idk maybe 2005. I played for about 2 years. I played 3 others until today. Those in between Mxo and todays Eve quickly turned to crap. I took a break from MMO’s for a while and have played here since in some capacity. Eve is the last bastion of worthwhile sandbox pvp remaining.
Hopefully with some good fortune Eve online will be around for some time to come.


It’s a long and twisting tale.

Sometime around 2004/2005 I was looking at what 3d games (rather than isometric) games were available and noticed EVE, Second Life, and maybe one or two others. After checking requirements I decided to defer getting into the games as I was still on dial-up.

Come 2007. Finally I have ADSL and revisit the list, join SL, get a new GPU and mess around in that sandbox. Eventually I run across a friend of a friend who was recalling some of the stuff he got up to in EVE. I then check to see if EvE (and as it happens WoW) will run on Linux.

  1. I obtain both of the mentioned MMORPGS and start playing. EVE doesn’t run too well via Steam so I end up setting EVE aside for a while.

  2. The year of the shattered wrist. That makes playing WoW raiding trickier so I resub to EVE (not via Steam this time), and because I’ve totally forgotten everything, create a new character.


Their site has changed since 2005… but the article remains up.

This is what brought me and few friends in.

PCGamer: Guiding Hand Social Club Heist


I first heard about Eve Online back in 2006 while playing another MMORPG called DarkSpace. The basic description and opinion about Eve was negative so I didn’t give it any thought. I stopped playing DarkSpace in early 2008 after 1 1/2 yrs of playing it. I got tired of doing strictly PvP and wanted a change.

In May of 2008 while watching BattleStar Galactica I saw this commercial for Eve Online:

That commercial made me remember hearing about Eve and since I was looking for another MMORPG to play, I decided to do some google research. Two weeks later I subbed and started playing due to exploration videos made by a player called D’Nightmare.

Full video here.

Played WOW for several years, but it started going directions i didnt care to play (im looking at you panda expansion, with a cold and bitter eye!).

So, SPACE i thought !

I searched high and low and it turns out that EVE was really the only option worth considering, at least this was true…‘years ago’.

Keen; however, is my eye to something stirring in the shadowy depths of far and distant space…


A wormhole


I started out as a dust bunny.


The possibility of shenanigans. And now back after 3-4 years for brand new character for brand new shenanigans. Just getting my level 4 locators. :slight_smile:

And need some isk injection for expensive ships to kill ventures with… and the occasional Battlehip.


I got bored with world of tanks.


I had been seeing static ads in '07/08 about EvE and I needed a different hobby.


Pretty much me too. Also 0.0 warfare back then-ish.


Late 2005, I was playing Star Wars Galaxies, my first MMO ever. They made major changes to the game (NGE), dumbing it down from something like 50+ professions that could be mixed and matched to 9 total. Other changes were done that totally screwed crafters and made their professions useless, like making top end items obtainable by running a 10 minute quest and killing the economy by making everything “No-Trade”. A majority of the player base quit and went to other games. I read about EVE on the SWG forum right after the NGE update and decided to check it out. Been here on and off ever since!


The availablity of nearly all items and freedom to use them as you choose is a massive reason that Im here and not in boring limited WoW or contentless ED or broken old other games.


you read that from me… I was a VIP in swg.

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I’ve tried other games just for their crafting/economy systems.

EvE and Shadowbane (RIP) are still my favorites.

There’s a game, Istaria, that has a very convoluted and interesting crafting system, but there’s hardly any economy… and the game play is horrendous. But… you can play as a dragon! Oh… and it’s totally PVE. Might explain the lack of an economy.

–Nostalgic Gadget


X3, E:D and Star Citizen… I was putting some bucks on the two kickstarter projects when they started, but soon realized it would take years to get something to play, I looked for an alternative similar to X3 which I was playing at this time. So I discovered EvE in 2013.


I was so disappointed by E:D’s lack of interactivity with others, player market and its general lack of content. SO pretty, such fun to fly… such little to do.