What Material (Fanmade and official) brought you to the Game

What did you watch, read, hear that made you think “I gotta try this game”

Personally it was the old school Goon Propaganda (Stahlregen - YouTube) I stumbled across while randomly browsing Youtube for Nine Inch Nails Remixes.

These then lead me to the Rooks and Kings Clarion Call videos and down the rabbit hole.
Without really knowing what was going on I was hooked on the game the more I read and I loved the old gritty aesthetics. After two 14 day trial periods I subbed on New Years EVE 2008.

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I used to read random gaming news articles while pooping and whatnot, and kept reading articles about a brutal PvP game with huge battles and complex scams.

Now, I browse the Eve forums while pooping.

Remember that every time you read one of my replies. :wink:
No P2W


I thought that is the meta.

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