Why did you play eve?

Just asking for everybody.
What are the primary reasons that made you decide to play EVE online?
What are some elements that appealed you the most?
Mine’s quite irregular to be honest so please allow me to add my as the post progress.

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Oh, I just hang out here on the forums. Are you saying there’s some sort of spaceship game that people here are playing?


Forum PVP is the most exciting form of EVE PVP.

Because I love math, and my teachers thought I was going to use it on something usefull ha.

Eve was a nostalgic ride back to Homeworld in the beginning, a market mad house exciting experiment midway, then a persistent world RTS by the end.

It still is all those things, except more human. A rainbow in the dark. Up until the skynet automatons drove us out.

Slay them all. Tears in the rain.

No reason is needed to play eve… but you need a damn good one not to.

My goal is to change eve one pilot at a time.

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I play eve for small gang pvp ( but I’m bad).
One day I will win a fight while fcing!


my school bully forced me to start playing

Held at gunpoint. No choice. Please save me.

I’m not sure you’re asking the right question here. It’s not so much what made me start playing it, which is what you appear to be asking, and in my case was mostly a matter of wanting to try what seemed to be a deep and content rich sci-fi game.

The real question, for me at least, would be what made me want to keep playing it, which in my case was to learn A LOT about human nature that I wouldn’t have been able to learn otherwise, at least not in the same amount of time and without me and/or someone else having been hurt one way or another in RL.


I used to but now I don’t.

I used to play Elite in the 80’s Elite 2 in the 90’s

When I heard Eve online in the 00’s I thought “oh yeah” :wink:

Two reasons .

– On another forum , in another game , there was a thread entitled , " Games with the steepest learning curves ? " And Eve online was consistently at the top of peoples lists.

In my experience , as great a pain in the butt as it may be initially , the best games are always the most complex .

– Long story , but I fell in love with the Ammatar Mandate. A character / faction I can personally identify with is vital . If I can’t relate , I won’t be playing. And I can very much relate to the Ammatar.

There was this work about Incarna and EVE was hyped to be the ultimate space game. Things progressed in some different direction, also for me. Now I am spending more time outside game, doing the stuff I wanted to do in the game.

Ganking postal trucks trying to fulfill their courier contracts?

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Was floating between games after a rough two years trying to get into building games. Instead of learning by doing, I was trying to learn as much as I could outside of the games and then failing to apply it due to lack of experience. Knowing this did not help or improve my mood.

Saw EVE ads floating around the internet lately, so I said what the Hell and gave it a try.

My first week, I found some misc trade good loot in my inventory, checked the prices on the market, and noticed if I bought 4 mil worth at A, I could unload it for 5 mil at B. Of course I didn’t check to see where those two points actually were: 7 <-- Here --> 12ish. My first trip into low sec, each end. ^^

I didn’t know any better, and it was thrilling in that eek eek am I gonna get ganked eek way. Sorta like the Oregon Trail without the dysentery?

Exploring the next day, scanned down my first wormhole, went in. I didn’t know any better, and it was thrilling in that what’s a bookmark way. I had to scan down another 3 WH to get back to k-space. And then 45 minutes worth of jumps back to Rens. And the first jump I had plotted on the short route said “triglavian invasion” so I manually picked my way back instead.

Managed to save up enough for a Procurer over that week. Lost it the very next day taking it into low sec to mine. I kinda knew better, but again, learn faster by doing. Sure I should have moved out when that guy came in system. Or jumped to my safe instead of straight to another belt. Or noticed when more folks were coming in system. There was a lot of fail there, but it was a rush too.

It’s been two weeks. A lot of I didn’t know any better, at first. Dabbling with hauling, mining, exploring, everything’s been a thrill because of the fun threat of PvP. Maybe some of the shine will fade once things become routine, but at least the possibility of meeting you all out there has been keeping it very interesting. :crazy_face:


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