What brought you to this wretched hive of scum and villainy?

I see that the last time that something like this was posted was almost 4 years ago, so it’s time to post it again.

What got you into EVE? A friend? YouTube? Random circumstances of life?

For me, it was wasting my free time as a 16-year old assembling Alienware computers in the website, and seeing that, for some reason, you could bundle a game called Eve Online with it, a game with a black-and-orange cover, with a cool looking ship on it (a Rifter)… So I just went to YouTube for some trailers and got hooked up on the concept, and then I created an account (not in an Alienware of course) back when Tyrannis was nearing the end of its life.

What about yourselves?

I was playing a few other MMO’s at the time I joined EVE , Lord of the rings online and city of heroes to name a couple . I had just about maxed out my characters though , when I tried EVE I loved the open ended nature of it , there seemed little or no chance I’d get to the same ‘nearly finished’ state I was in other games I’d played . I’ve come and gone over the years since and am now no way the committed gamer I was then , EVE is the only game I even bother playing these days though . Still living my little EVE dream of being a small scale ship builder .

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