"How did you Veterans start?" part 2

I personally like hearing about how other players, especially the older ones, got started. There was an old forum post: https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=331515 that talked about it. I couldn’t find an updated version of that post on the new forums so I thought I would make one. I am not that old, maybe just about 2 years into this game, but to start off the new thread I will tell my story up until this point.

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“not so long ago in a galaxy extremely close…”

I made my first character back in 2015, but quit after just 1 day because I had put all my assets (not even 1 mil isk worth) into an atron and got myself blown up. My real eve experience starts in 2016. I had heard of the huge space battles and liked the idea of everything being controlled and influenced by other players. This is of course not 100% true, but pretty close.

I started off doing the tutorial (the old one, not the new fancy one), and actually getting into the role playing idea: A lone “pirate” (I was looting npc wrecks without permission, oh boy was I a bad person) bringing justice to the galaxy! When I had finished the tutorial, I had no idea how to do anything, I had just heard that to do anything in this game, I had to be in a corp. Doing a quick search in the corporation window, I had found a supposedly new bro corporation. They were going to pay for all of my skill books and even give me a few shiny frigates to play around with. Unfortunatly, they weren’t quite for me either. I asked a ton of questions and eventually, they just started ignoring me. So I took my little algos and joined another corp. This one was much smaller than the last, but I got my first taste of the MMO part of Eve. The comradery was great and I really enjoyed playing with that group of people. That corp was where I started doing missions (level 1 at first) and the SOE arc. They helped me earn isk and standings so that I could transition into Level 4 missions. I would do each level 4 in my Tech 1 fit Dominix and then come back in a salvage catalyst to collect all the loot and salvage from my mobile tractor units. Eventually, our corp got wardecced. No one wanted to fight because of out carebear nature. Everybody but me left because of the wardec or real life. I started to look for better ways to make isk. At this point, I had forgotton about the role playing corp thing and just wanted to become rich. Running missions wasn’t going to cut it, at least not the way I was doing them.

I then ran into Sansha Incursions. Something that would become my bread and butter and my main source of income. After doing a 5 second google search, I had found that Warp To Me Incursions was the most new player friendly incursion community out there. I found that I could already sit in a hyperion and the only thing left to do was the train for the meta 4 guns and buy the ship.

The moment I joined my first incursion fleet was the moment I might have quit eve. I had spent every last penny and lp I had on that hyperion. I didn’t even have enough isk to pay the 10mil SRP Warp To Me (WTM) offered. If I had lost that ship I probably would have quit. Luckily, the Fleet Commander (FC) that day did a very good job of being paitent with me and answering all my newbie questions. I didn’t even know how to broadcast or what a Message of The Day (MOTD) was. After only 10 minutes I had a wopping 28million in my pocket. (Yes I know that a payout is 31.5mil, but I had corp tax and I didn’t know that I could just make my own corp until a few months later)

I was hooked, I quickly saved up and skilled into my first vindicator. Probably still one of my favorite ships to date. With new vindi, I was looking for more. Running sites with WTM was great, but other communities boasted higher isk/hour ratios. I found out that just like in the real world, much of those numbers are exaggerated in order to attract naive players such as myself. I bounced around from community to community, each one having its own little niche.

I was tired with all of the down time that my favorite incursion community had, a smaller one called USTZ Inc, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and became an FC. I learned a lot about not only incursions, but about the game and most importantly, about people. But then I ran into another delema. I wouldn’t always have enough people to even form a fleet whenever I wanted. Sure I knew what to do, but without enough people, I couldn’t do anything.

Shortly after, I discovered the wonders of multiboxing. I had found a video of someone running those same sites I run with 10-12 people, all my himself. He got all of the isk and the best part: he could run whenever he wanted.

Once again, I spent all of my isk and lp on PLEX and Skill injectors in order to start up my other 9 characters.

Oh and was I terrible. The very first site I did I lost 2 ships, one of them my logi. When I finally completed one site, my hands were shaking and I was perspiring. I couldn’t even speak properly I was so happy.

I eventually got much better. Going from 2 sites/ hour to 12 sites/ hour. I finally had isk to spend on other things. I started up a few other alts. I put a few of them into other parts of space and I even set one up to role play from again, but I’ll save those for another day.

USTZ was slowing down and I needed a new community. I ended up back with WTM, the group that started it all. I became an FC for them too and I learned the ins and outs of incursions once again. (I didn’t forget the original time I learned about incursions. Incursions have 3 types, VG (small) Assaults (medium) and HQ (large). USTZ did VG and WTM did HQ). I learned how to multibox with other people in fleet, rather than just myself. The isk of course, was amazing.

I started introducing passive income into my revenue stream and looked into joining a big null alliance. I had joined in the past very briefly, but I couldn’t find anything that interested me. I found the same to be true again on the second go around so I went back up to highsec to farm more incursions.

But again, I found myself becoming bored again, so I decided to get more crazy than I already was. I got another 10 accounts and instead of doing a 10 man fleet, I started doing a 20 man fleet and running assaults.

Jump to present day, I’ve got enough isk to do the things I want to do and I play the game how I want to play it. Some people think that multiboxing that many characters for incursions is stupid, or that doing a ton of PVE is stupid, but its how I choose to play the game, and to me, its loads of fun.

I’ve met many people in this game, a few of whom I would consider friends, despite never meeting them in person.

My advice to new players: Do what you think is fun, its a sand box after all. Doing so will let you meet people, and that’s what keeps most of us players around. Not the new patches or the graphics or even the mechanics. Its the people we get to share those in game experiences with that make us stay. I came for the big explosions, but I stay because of the people I’ve met along the way.


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Dear other veterans,
Write your own stories. They’re fun to read! :smiley:


I participated in the old “how did you get started” thread, so I think I’d rather just post a link to it and then just give an update:

I got tired of… well… a lot of stuff. So I quit. Then I came back. Now I’m doing some of the old things, some new things, and building up a cadre of badass pilots both old and new. Turns out there are still plenty of things to do even within my limited realm of “solo and small-gang PvP”.

It all comes down to the people you meet and your interactions with them. I’ve met some of my best friends and best enemies in New Eden, and some of those relationships have carried on well after we stopped playing. You know what they say: Eve is real.

Not sure explicit corp advertisement is allowed in NC Q&A (if it were, everyone would be doing it), but I’m not the police.

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My friend started playing back in summer of 2006, one of his friends got him into the game. Well lets just say he liked it and kept hyping it up so I had to try it. Started a trial account on Christmas of 2006, lets just say I liked it but wasn’t happy with my character so I rerolled and transferred assets over to this character. My friend was in IDLE GUNS, so naturally I joined a few weeks after character creation. Also we got a few other people we knew into the game who also joined into IDLE.

For the most part the early days involved a lot of mission grinding for standings, wanted some jump clones, and then more standings grinding as we decided we wanted a highsec pos for whatever reason. When we weren’t running missions we jumped in t1 frigs and shot each other. Learned a lot of the basic mechanics of Eve doing that. Then we tried moving out to venal for a bit, but belt ratting got pretty boring pretty quickly, and we didn’t have the best supply lines, so we pretty quickly got back to highsec.

From there we got bored and moved to lowsec, started off gate camping with a friend of the corp in a nyx back when they were still motherships and mostly invincible in lowsec. From there most of the corp moved down there and we made friends and started an allaince.

That’s most of what I did the first year.

I used to play bf at this lil gamer cafe in tulsa oklahoma. I was in college for my certified welding inspector degree and was also getting to know some djs in the area, we used to play at Mr Luckys actually and plan 9. Anyway, the owner there at the gamer cafe was cool, nice looking young man, seemed clean and had VERY nice computers and a few tvs for ps3 or xbox. Was a great idea I thought, I never been to a place like that. I still want to open one myself because of him… Again, anyway, ahh I used to go there on mondays or something and get my battlefield in. One time I asked about some other games and we chatted about them and I said meh… went back to play bf… One night he asked me to come here and showed me a game he said he played but doesnt have on the computers for customers. It was Eve Online. He said he needed a bigger ship, I dont recall what it was, but it was winmatar. Maybe thats why I have a bias to them.

That was back in like 2007. I had thought it was cool but had no idea then it was this cool. I went on for two more years… and I had forgot the name of the game too, but by happenstance I came across it one day in 2009. It was around November, just before Thanksgiving Day. I was stoked. and I went thru each race, actually, with a 21 day trial. :slight_smile: so I did that four times, and have a good idea by then what the game was about. I then subcribed a new trail and went into it. Grunt Life was my first character. https://zkillboard.com/character/1584190400/

I was hooked. I got in a player corp just days after playing. I kinda ventured in and out but held loyal with them for a long time. I had wanted to try other things too, but loved them. It was a family. Some really actually hurt my feelings pretty bad man, when you befriend people it can always hurt. I hadnt expected that type of relationship or experience… it was so real. you know? I dont have any regrets,… or hold any grudges with them. I love them and hope they grow to evict many wh corps. or whatever they choose to accomplish. It was a High sec corp at the time. Right when Apocrypha came out, I kinda got sucked into that. and some corp mates we all begged the ceo to take us there, and there he did take us. I guess that was the start of it. I eventually left cause of hardships in the corp and irl at the same time and just needed to take a break from both. I kinda feel left out and misunderstood but thats life for me… Im complex and intelligent and it just doesnt help that im aggressive and can be hostile. I tend to stand my own ground, dont need a club to hang around to be successful or secure. It just comes from the military and ■■■■ from younger times.

Life is still good though, Ive moved on to other things in null and GOTG coalition, fighting in the north which was a ■■■■■■■ privilege jumping with Sort Dragon… hands ■■■■■■■ up for that guy right there, I like his attitude and character. My ceo in Chaos Theory was pretty ■■■■■■■ rad too, and his XO… Charlie!!! some good guys there. I should actually get back and see if I cant make it up there again… Im kinda at a place of wondering what do I do next… I wanted to get into cap wh and have been on the brink of soloing my own but just am not quite confident yet to take the risk.

Lazer Hawks was kinda a dead end for me, and was a heart breaker actually. I really wanted to be apart of that organization, more than anything in this game! For me it was an amazing fit! the guys were hilarious and intelligent too, I like that. They just didnt seem to have a sense of humor is all. context and perspective of irl and game idk, some of the guys just were totally … well whatever. It was dead end. Sadly. So now I venture on my own again.

Not sure what to make of the future for me and Eve though. I love it so much i ■■■■■■■ hate it most the time man… seriously. One cannot fully understand love without having to also fully understand fear. which hate really stems from. Ive considered merc work and perhaps will partake in such but Im not sure I feel like investing too much more of my time atm. Ive made a load of wealth to last me years in game… and can even do some bad bad things to people Im sure… with what Ive saved up. Eve is nice cause its like that, something can happen tomorrow, like find an officer spawn or a wh full of sites!!! changes everything.

I never met that guy again from the gamers cafe. IDK who he was in game, I wonder if he plays… Id love to thank him for getting me into it. Always wondered if he was in NC or GOONS … or something. lol. anyway thats how I got into Eve…

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