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disclaimer: English is not my first language and sorry for the big text

Hi fellow Capsuleers,

Back in March 2010 I decided to explore EVE universe but on that time we had only the option of a small trial and, as many of the new comers, I simply quit. I felt kind of sad to do it, not only because of the game’ mechanisms, but also for the immersion that we could get on this world: CSM (that I thought that might be a little bit more than a “DEV pool of ideas”), Corporates (was on one or two), Missions etc.).
So now in 2017, when I was checking some old feeds, I noticed that EVE created alphas and I simply decided to return and create a new character. Tutorial and some basic missions and SoE Arc done and I was again happy to have my ships and cargos when I discover that the 2 alts I had back in 2010 were still active (I’m currently writing this post from the 2010’s Main). Instead of deleting the new one I simply decided to keep the 3 and now I’m learning the basics of station trading, corp management (a tiny corp with my 3 alts).

As you see, EVE is not only PvP (it will be something I’ll do again in the future), I’m currently happy with my trading, don’t think that I’m trading to buy my PLEX or to be a tycoon, not that, for now I’m really happy to get 1M profit at the end of the night – ok, you can laugh about it, but EVE is truly this: we can do whatever we want, and for now I don’t mind to trade enough to pay my fittings or to get a cruiser 1M cheaper with a good bid order.

On these last days people ask me if I already thought about a career in EVE. Well, I don’t have a correct answer for that. Already questioned several paths but didn’t found any reply that really suits me. I guess I still have time, especially because I’ll probably turn into omega this time.
Nevertheless after reading lots of posts (both here and on the old forums) some questions are still on my mind, please bear in mind that some of these questions might been already discussed (only yesterday by chance I discovered that the channel “Z-S Overview” able us to have an Overview scan much more optimized):

  • Why after the basic tutorial, Aura don’t point us the Epic Arcs?
  • Why this basic tutorial doesn’t have any missions regarding trading/contracts, the use of drones and why there is no in game data base with some fitting examples?
  • An extra button on the ship commands to bring Aura and access to some data bases – or even some statistics - could be nice to improve Aura’s role
  • Since we can have both economic and/or military approaches on EVE, why can’t we have military corporations and economic societies? For instance, I might want to be part of a military corporate with other players and declare war to other corps but I could also want to have economic society with my alts to share different wallets.
  • Since everyone defends more immersion why CSM can’t have a more political/RPG role amongst corporations and capsuleers in general? Why can’t we also earn some skills due to some kind of progression, maybe with the formalization of the roles tutor/apprentice?
  • Why stations, mines, citadels and all POS must be only available for the ISK tycoons? We could also have some small ones with a fraction of the original stats, that way, we could all have more opportunities to be more immersed
  • The list might continue forever…

Agents/Corps https://oldforums.eveonline.com/?a=topic&threadID=1498818&page=2#46
Gaps related to SP https://oldforums.eveonline.com/?a=topic&threadID=1498818&page=2#41

Safe flight,

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Welcome back!

Corps don’t need to be restricted to military or economic type. Many are both or either or degrees of both depending on choices and circumstances. No need to restrict that.

Citadels and such really aren’t meant to be built by newer players but it is certainly not only for the richest players.

Hope you enjoy EvE.


Welcome back.

  • The Inception tutorial will point you to the career agents. The goal is to teach you the basic mechanics. After that, you’re on your own. Eve is intended to be played as a social game where other players help you climb the learning cliff.

  • The career agents have missions that involve buying stuff off the market and manufacturing. Trade is an interaction between players - you need a counterparty!

  • After the tutorial, Aura really has no role - mentoring is intended to be done by more experienced players. The development effort required to give Aura the kind of adaptive AI that would be needed really isn’t worth it in a sandbox game.

  • We have both military and economic entities in Eve but they exist at the meta level - defined by players, not game mechanics. You can have characters in different corporations but no character can be in multiple corporations at the same time.

  • CSM’s role in game is largely defined by players. There role as advocates to CCP is limited. CCP is a business and Eve is their product. They listen to us but don’t have to accept our advice.

  • It takes time to accumulate wealth. I own an engineering complex. It cost about 2.5 billion ISK to build and roughly 400 million ISK/month for fuel to operate. For a new player this is a lot but my business earns enough to pay the fuel bill in a day or replace the structure in a week.

Good luck.


Thanks for your input :smile:

I didn’t understood what you meant by “characters in diff Corps but no character can be on multiple corps” looks the same
As per CSM, I know that CCP do whatever they want as all other companies that provide similar products, I was just talking on a mere RPG approach because when anyone reads the forums, the only thing one sees is the “non RPG” with the “requests/advices”, I was thinking on something like an Intergalactic Senate :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, these were just some thoughts, nothing more

Glad to be back

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I have several characters - some are in a nullsec corporation, the rest are in a highsec industrial corporation. As a player I can do both, at the same time if I want to, but I need to play different characters - they can’t be in both.


Thanks Do Little :slight_smile:

a little bit off-topic but don’t you actually know if is possible to add a name on my alt? looks that back in 2010 when I created Nunosh I didn’t chose any family name (something that I think is mandatory on the new characters, at least I had to do it on the one I created last month)

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You can’t change your name. Your character has a history - for better or worse and you’re stuck with it!

As far as I know, you can still create a character with a 1 word name - the second box is optional. Since names aren’t reusable there probably aren’t a lot of good 1 word names left!

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Actually I don’t mind about Nunosh, my RL name is Nuno so I’m cool with it…

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It could lead to some interesting patents - and more income - for CCP. :sunglasses:

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Only if they bring back the old sarcastic Aura, the new incarnation is bland.

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Hello and welcome back to Eve,

Just wanted to add that the level 1 Sisters Of Eve Epic Arc is mentioned in the completion message of the final mission offered by each of the 5 Career Agents.

May you have a long and rewarding career here in Eve.


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Welcome to EvE dude :slight_smile: