Sir Daedalus the Hero!

There are heroes of ages in sagas of all races.
Not many like Deadalus of Providence the Hero!

His deeds, mighty and pure, yet stained by pride.
Our hero, our hero the Daedalus dear!

His deeds deeds deep like mining laser.
Like Veldspar we love him eternally.

Our hero, yet misguided, we wait your decree.
Our hero, we pray for your swift recovery.

I don’t believe Margrave Equinox Daedalus reads these forums regularly so I’m really not sure why you keep posting about him here so repeatedly.

Perhaps your little poems for him would do well in the off-topic thread, Lord Vaari?

I honor my close friends where and when ever i wish, my lady.

All who disagree are to be keelhauled from Paladin class.

Most excellent piece of art.


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hrrrr hrrr

Lord Vaari,

I have ensured your poem made it to the ears of our Lord Margrave. I was overjoyed by your work of art that I eagerly hand delivered it to him.

Paladin Warden Saltz

Who ?

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I second this notion, who?

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Solstice, Liuni, and Tyrel,

The individual in which Lord Vaari speaks about is none other than our Lord Margrave of the Providence Marches Equinox Daedalus. The Alliance Leader of Curatores Veritatis Alliance. Leader of the Provi-bloc coalition. Granted the title of Imperial Margrave of the Providence Marches by Her Majesty Empress Catiz I last year.

That is whom Lord Vaari is speaking to. So now you know.

Very Respectfully,
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz



Thank you!

Can I shoot him down?

you are welcomed to try?

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I am?

I will try what ever you wish, my dearest friend!

Well, that’s very Gallente of you. But I think he was responding to Solstice.

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Cool! Thanks!

By the way … why is he a hero?

As far as I am aware, for one to become a Hero, they need first to die as a Hero.
If they didn’t die as a Hero, they cannot be a Hero.

Just saying.

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He’s a capsuleer. He’s died quite a few times.

Not that I agree with the argument.