Abandoned Providence

The stars are grey, they belts are pale, the Vaari’s forge is ashen cold. No pryaer is praid no blueprint researched, the darkness dewells in Providence.

The shadows lies in Vaari’s holds in Misaba in Inq-wr, but still the sunken glory appears in dark and starless faithfulness.

There lie his rule on Provi deep till Vaari wakes from his sleep

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Can someone nearby maybe find his lordship and show him back to bed?


I’d be very surprised if Lord Vaari’s actions here did not make their way to the press. I would be even more surprised if they weren’t used by Templis CALSF et al involved with the Providence campaign or the Matari loyalists in the warzone as anti-Amarr/anti-CVA rhetoric or propaganda.

Uh … really, he’s kind of a fixture, Ms. des Larmes. It’s not really news because, even here, he’s kind of just Lord Vaari, being himself. If it gives you any idea, the Empress did indeed officially recognize his title on … I think it was Sosan IV?-- specifically, she granted him as his personal fiefdom the planet’s northernmost square meter.

So, jokes, sure. But he’s the kind of man it’s hard to gin up much outrage at because he kind of grounds it out by being just that constantly outrageous.

He must’ve been on top of the world.


Truly Amarrs Elites are the most talented, subtle, and tactful masters of public relations. Their peerless tact and decorum is unrivaled throughout the galaxy.

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In other words, he’s an utter joke, and even the Empress thinks he’s barking mad.

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