Shadows in Providence

Marine, His Grace 3 moved in shadowy halls deep in enemy territory. He was one of the venerated volunteers to map lost Providence to serve reconquest.

-Command. Holy symbols seen all around of this abandoned shipyard. With God’s grace Lord Vaari can reclaim this.

Marine said. Small fracture of emotion were to seen in his voice. Fall and shadows of old were too much to see.

-Proceed to deeper, and remember, God protects.
Said Loyalist front command.

Imperial Pharmacy marine squads ventured deeper into asteroid station. All was covered in dust and shadows dances around helmet lights. One could even say they heard distant laughting. Everywhere around them were signs of past. Oath signets to Lord Vaari made in moment’s notice. Pictures of glorious mining ventures. Deep scans of veldspar ore. Mighty past of Imperial Pharmacy was everywhere to watch.

-Command. I…I think I have reached the Room.
Marine said.

  • Enter, marine. Let none stand in your way. Our gracious Lord demands this artifact!
    Command center responded.

Marines of the Imperial Pharmacy places small, shaped explosives to the iron doors. They take cover and detonated. Sharap detonation banged a round hollow asteroids when meter deeo locks were breached.

-Moving in. Frigate His Will, be ready to evacuate us.
-Roger marine. Proceed. Lord Vaari is with you.

Onwards they went. Room were gilded ´ and floor was pure silver. Immence holiness radiated to the marines ordered to breach the room. There were lone symbol of allmighty God. Marines kneeled to respect their lord and savior,

-Command, i see it.
Said marine in almost womanish voise.
-Take it. We provide all you need to leave.

Marine placed his statis macine carefully around much needed data disc. His hands slightly trembled, but his Lord will reigned supreme.

-My Lord, we have left Proidence region, please establish secure connection.

  • 000011111 Yes. Connection established. Downloading minion data.

In distant corner of gakaxy his grace, the Daedalus watched entire operation. He has the most unforgiving task of all. to make CVA pirate, or to form Providence reclamation front.

  • Lord Vaari, we have secured the data.
    Saird marine

-Credits have transfered to your account. MAy you and y our familyu live in peace.

PRovidence, part of Amarr so long ago. It cannot be deceded intoi heresy. CVA has failed, but they must have another chance.

Lord Vaari were almost crumbled on his research. If no one else would be the key to reclaim Providence, he would.

I was expecting a genetic leech or chaotic space kitten in bondage gear to jump out at any moment.

Most anciet holdings in Providence are forgotten and copletely empty.

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